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Hi everybody,

The weekend yielded yet more steady, noticeable progress. Doug's smiling more, his thoughts seems more organized and cohesive, and he doesn't seem as emotionally raw. Right now the big thing is probably that he's really bored and tired of being inactive. Fortunately, tomorrow (Monday) he starts physical therapy, so I think he'll have plenty to do. He's been able to go outside a number of times since moving, which he really enjoyed. The pnuemonia he had is all cleared up and he actually looks pretty good.

All in all, he's doing pretty well, so please come by, visit, and keep him company. Visiting hours are from 4:30pm–8:30pm during the week, and up to 4 people are allowed in the wing at one time. The address is:

Room 490
Drucker Brain Trauma Center
60 East Township Line Road
Elkins Park, Pa, 19027

There's plenty of parking and it's pretty straightforward to get there, about 20–30 minutes from Center City. Also, keep sending in those cards, flowers, posters, etc. He has started reading through everything people have sent and definitely appreciates them.

Dan and Jen will probably be there when you visit, but I want to mention a couple things. Doug's doing really well, making big strides, and it's awesome to be able to talk with him again, but the experience can be a little unsettling. Communication can be fairly difficult as he still can't speak. He mouths words, but it's near impossible to read his lips. Unfortunately, Doug's also been very reluctant to write things down, mostly because he's just so frustrated at not being able to speak. Don't hesitate to tell him that you can't understand and that he has to write it down. There has also been definite memory loss, although no one's been able to figure out how extensive it is. Events and other things that you talk about may not click for him because of it, and he sometimes says things that seem out of place and time. He may also got a little worked up at memories and talking about people or what's been going on since the accident. It's not a cause for undue concern, and real emotional responses may help him bring his memories back.  So, keep those things in mind, but definitely go and see him if you can. He's awake, he's normal, he's moving around well, and it's great to see Doug coming back.

One other thing I want to say is that unfortunately the truck from the accident has still not been found. If anyone sees a current, white, Dodge Quad Cab pickup around, let someone know. Please be sure to spread the word and keep an eye out.

The last thing for today is that this Saturday, June 24th, a few of us from Drexel Cycling are participating in Doug's honor in David's Ride, a charity event for the Pennsylvania Brain Injury Association. The ride starts in Downingtown and there are a variety of distance options, from a few miles total to 75 one-way. Water, bathroom, and food stops will be provided as well as a sag wagon. More information is available on their website. The proceeds go to the Association, the primary mission of which is education and support to prevent brain injury and help survivors, family, and friends cope with it. We won't be moving fast at all—this is the first real jaunt back on the bike for several of us on the injured list—so please feel free to come on out and join us. Get in touch with me or the promoters if you have any questions. And, of course, don't forget your helmet!!!

– joe


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  • 1. Caitlin Bjellquist  |  Monday, June 19, 2006 at 8:49 am

    I justed wanted to give a quick, but BIG thanks to Joe. Your updates are not only detailed but are written with a wit that few possess. My family and friends give you sincere thanks for being so wonderful.

    Oh yea, and you’re not so bad either Doug. 😛

  • 2. Warren Reid  |  Monday, June 19, 2006 at 10:59 am

    Glad to hear about the progress. I do not know Doug but through my daughter Courtney who attends Drexel. I am an avid MTB cyclist and Doug had ordered her a Drexel Team Jersey for me. She said he is very nice and was very helpful. He was going to try to make the race I promote called the Cat Classic MTB Race in early May but could not. I hope he will attend in 07.
    I had a close friend who experienced a similar brain injury 25 years ago while racing MX in Europe. He was back to “normal” (His normal was always debatable though) within months and undetectable within a year. The first time I visited him in a US hospital a month after the accident I was devastated. I could not believe the speed at which he progressed after that. Top conditioned athletes fare much better than most people and that bodes very well for Doug.
    On another note. I thought I saw intially that the truck that hit Doug had a four-wheeler ATV in the back. You might want to contact dealers for those products in the greater Philly area and see if anybody recognizes the Truck. It seems like the State Police in DE, NJ and PA could make a list of owners of those trucks too.

  • 3. Kristin Imhoff  |  Monday, June 19, 2006 at 11:12 am

    Doug I can’t wait to come visit you at your new digs!

  • 4. Kirsten  |  Monday, June 19, 2006 at 6:51 pm

    I think I’m going to come tomorrow (Tuesday)! I hope there aren’t going to be 4 people there already!!! I’m so glad to hear about your new place and that you’ve at least been able to go outside!

  • 5. Nancy B. Claflin  |  Monday, June 19, 2006 at 11:14 pm

    Hey Doug…
    You are indeed a fighter; keep up the good work! The prayers of many, clergy & laity, continue to be offered daily for your continued healing and recovery.
    Peace and prayers,


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