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Hey all-

How are you doing? I’m doing very well, despite getting up at before 6am today (as usual)! So, where to begin… Well, I might as well start with the beginning of the day, right? So I woke up at 6am… Mulled around a bit and laid in bed for an hour or two, then proceeded to write a paper for speech therapy. The topic of the paper was basically a autobiography, although it had to be limited to not much more than 1.15 pages. I had a hard time thinking of what to write about, but in the end I managed to write just as much as I was allowed. Any more, and I’d have gotten yelled at! Just kidding, I’m sure she’d (Jenn, my therapist) have just groaned. She’s not an english teacher by any stretch of the imagination. Hell, I do hope that my paper was satisfactory. I think I still have my wit, and my writing ability. We’ll see what she says!

So after that therapy which was first, I went on to my neuropsychologist, Stephanie’s room. She’s very nice, and very helpful. And, I think I can count on her as being a buddy of mine in this whole process! Although i can count on all my therapists to do that ( and i know you’re reading this so yeah! ), I can’t expect that all of them will be understanding of my goals. So today during our session, she mentioned that she read my previous blog that said that I wasn’t sure how they’d take my idea of taking the train by myself. She then said that she thought it’d be a good idea for me and although she wasn’t all of my therapists, she gave the okay for it. So yeah! Made me happy. I’m glad that as each day passes, I get more and more freedom. And hey, I only see Stephanie once a week. So I HAVE to get my satisfaction of improving and getting more freedom from my other therapists. And I know I will, I like you all.

After the neuropsychologist, I met up with Gary for occupational therapy. In occupational, we often spend time going over worksheets that have problems that I should do. Lately, we’ve been doing alot with sudoku. If you don’t know, it’s an 81 box puzzle that has the number 1-9 scattered in it, and the goal is to only put each number in it 9 times. And no more than 9 times! So there are more rules than that, but you can see that it is not a particularly easy game. I do it alright. When all is said and done, i’ll improve my intuitive reasoning, which is important to get back. So today, I learned another strategy to solve them, and I think it will help my puzzle-solving alot.

After that, it was 12 and I had my lunch break. So I went down to the cafeteria and who is there? My fellow moss rehab outpatient friend, Barbara. She was talkative and my lunch was very good. I’m very glad to be talking to others while I’m at therapies. After all, it is part of recovery… talking, right? So yeah. After lunch I had physical therapy with Theresa. In that therapy, I got my big news: I took the balance test once again, and I passed! No falling down this time! (I did that last time, 3 times, yet actually I only fell once) My score was a 74. Essentially, anything over 70 is passing or adequate. I knew I’d do this well! I like it that it’s the second time is the charm for everything. Heck, even running on the treadmill for the second time today was significantly rewarding. The first time, we just took it slowly. Boring!

After rehab, my day settled down significantly… Not much was out of the ordinary. But, it is a friday! YAY~! Tomorrow I go to the renaissance faire!

Enjoy your free time,

PS: I forgot to mention how pleased I was with the beef and beer! I had an amazing time. Seriously, I can’t say that enough. Often, I hate being the center of attention, but for a while I’d known about the event, so it was alright. I don’t think I sat down quietly just once that entire evening. So, my thanks goes out to everyone. So, the list goes on to be more specific. First off, thank you to all of you who came to it and had fun. Also, thank you to everyone who set it up, and those who ensured that it was a good night. That includes Brandon, Janice, her mom, those who made the great food (whose names i can’t remember, sorry!) the bands ( David Gray, and Jon Delise, thank you!), and the Wissahickon Fire Company. That night will go down in history for me and I’ll never forget it. Heck, all you have to do is picture me in my spiffy suit and wearing the chain mail shirt I helped make, and you’ve got me beaming from ear to ear all over again! See you all again, and hope you enjoyed my spending time with you!



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My beef and beer speech Thoughts

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  • 1. Nita Gupta  |  Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 12:48 am

    I love sudoku!!!!! Hooray…we can play against each other…the race is on! 😀

  • 2. Gail Labanara (Doug's Aunt in Seattle)  |  Monday, August 28, 2006 at 12:39 pm


    I am so amazed at reading about your therapy. It really is fascinating and I am so happy with each entry and how well you are doing. I think all of us haven’t written in as much because we were all so concerned about you just surviving the accident that I’m sure we are in awe now that you are doing so well.

    Please keep writing with such honesty. I’m so impressed with your writing skills and hope that your reading will follow. I also hope that all of your therapists will let you explore and push those limits so that you can show them that you will rise to the challenges. (maybe that will help if they are reading the blog!) I’m wondering if they are recommending yoga for your balance or for you to go back to your martial arts?

    I turned Pop Pop on to sudoku (as well as Aunt Dee) since my addiction is worst than opium. My morning is not complete without a puzzle. I really like them because they are solvable. I get discouraged with crosswords because there is always some clue I will never be able to answer (except the People magazine one!) But with patience (there’s “your” word again) and a little tenacity, that box will be completely filled in. Talk to Pop Pop to set you up with a 1.1mm No. 2 mechanical pencil (he bought me one at Abington Pharmacy) and he made up a little form that has space to put draft numbers in. His form is pretty slick and I use it when I’ve messed up on a 5 star puzzle and need to retry it. (see I told you…opium…)

    Take care Doug, and keep those entries coming.
    Love, gail


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