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Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 8:22 am 3 comments

Hey everybody!

How’s it going? No really, how are you doing? just kidding. I try to make this a more talkative or interactive site, often with no success. Not because I need comments, but because I think it’s great for people to get into conversation if I can help bring it about. Alot of my friends have met eachother because of my accident. If you made a friend because of my accident, I would like you to post a comment about it! Shock me, whatever you want! Sometimes it is in fact shocking that such a bad thing has caused good things, like a certain two of my friends being in a relationship now…. awww!

So on thursday of this past week I had a stellar day. Now, if only I realized that I should write about it sooner, right? At any rate, I’ll explain my day, and perhaps you’ll get something from it. So I woke up, hung around in my room for a good while. I’ll tell you, it really isn’t like me to do it. But… I get to chill out and listen to good music when I do it! So let’s just say that I left my bedroom at 11… after waking up at 7. I sometimes am able to fall back to sleep, sometimes not. It’s just a party in my room, either way. (just kidding) After waking up, which clothes did I put on? My cycling garb! The drexel racing jersey and shorts went on, and I made it my goal to ride as soon as I was done breakfast. After breakfast (lunch) I started on the trainer with the ultimate goal of doing an hour. It’s not usual for myself to only be able to do an hour on the trainer, but this seat on the 5500 isn’t a good seat at all. Miko knows it! (the guy whose bike it is) I had no problems doing an hour on the trainer, which amounted to 15 miles of riding. My real goal is 20 miles, but that seat steals me from doing it! During riding, I figured out my next goal for the day.

After finishing my ride, I quick ran up and checked the train schedule. I was lucky enough to have a train coming very soon! The goal that I had for myself was to go to the city, get some stuff straightened out with advisor, and then just do some walking around, perhaps hanging with my friend megan and also renee. So after a train ride, I walked over to Drexel and right to the advising office. I thought that I may have trouble finding it, but I had none at all. Once there, I met up with two advisors, the walk-in advisor of the day, and Marc Levenson. They both had their helpfulness; Marc got me on the right path for sitting in on a course, and the other one had an interesting story. Her father has had a brain injury! And of course, he’s doing fine now. His memory is still bad, but he’s doing fine. I thought of that as a very helpful thing to know. I love hearing good stories. Okay, so not ‘good’… Anyway, marc told me that i’ll probably be able to sit in on a class, but i’ll do it by contacting the office of disabilities. Ugh! I can’t wait to prove to everyone that Doug Markgraf is not disabled, nor will ever be.

Okay, this is getting long! I’ll speed it up, if that’s possible. After I got out of the office, I went over to see the Materials Engineering people. It was so cool! They’re very supportive, and it’s like I’m a celebrity when I walk in there. I spoke with Dr. Barsoum, and he might help me take a course I’ve never taken before. I like the idea.

After that, I went and walked down to past city hall… And hung out with megan! We had an awesome time, walking around, getting a nose ring ( she did ) and just having lots of laughs. After hanging out with Megan, I hung out with like 4 of my good friends, Renee, Andy, Brian, and Kristen. Very much fun. They’re all funny. Andy walked around the whole time in his cycling gear. I found that hilarious.

Then, I went home, at 11 o clock! It brings such joy to me, to be back in the city and doing things that I want to do. The only thing I didn’t do that I wanted to do was check out a bike shop! : ) Well, that’s it. Go do something!!! I will! Should I go ride?

Sincerely and with thanks,


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  • 1. Elaine Poleshuck  |  Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 10:11 am

    Why not change the seat on the bike?

  • 2. dougtales  |  Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 1:36 pm

    I haven’t changed the seat for two reasons. One- the bike isn’t mine, and who knows when I’ll need to give it back. Two- the saddle I can replace it with for now is very low quality, not much better, I would guess. So I’m just stuck till I can figure something else out.

  • 3. lucy bruno  |  Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 11:33 pm

    Well doug you really come a long way, I met your parents when my son went in for Brain surgery.
    I have been watching the site for awhile.
    Keep up the good job.


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