Slow Motion

Saturday, September 30, 2006 at 3:31 pm Leave a comment

Hey All-

So today’s Saturday: my only day that I have nothing planned! Well, nothing important planned. I actually have a pretty good list of things that I’ve done today, or will do soon. So, I woke up and first just took a shower and got myself situated. I was freezing! Then, I started to get right to business. I started to do my laundry, way overdue. Then, my mom and I went out to the valley forge trail (also known as schyullkill river trail) and we did some riding. I did about 27 miles, as she said. I wouldn’t really know; I don’t have a bike computer yet! Hopefully soon. Then I got home near 2:30 and had lunch. Pretty soon, I’ll be taking a train into the city to see a great Slo-Mo show with my friends Steve and Andy. Then, I’ll go home and sleep. And get one last look at the Trek Madone before the day ends. [If you didn’t guess, I still can’t believe that I really own one!]

So I named this post slow motion because it seems like everything in my life is forced to move in slow motion, despite anything that I want to do. Very annoying! Everyone says that it’s great that my recovery has been so quick, but if I had my own say in my own rehab, it would be even faster. I’m a fast guy. And to go slow just isn’t me. Hence why I’m getting into running. To be actually competitive for once will be wonderful! When being active has been stolen from you, you begin to realize reasons why you like it. I told someone the other day that I even like the feel of lactic acid in my legs. It’s reassuring.

So this post will be short, for once. There have been lots of new things in my life, happening constantly. One small thing is that as of Friday, my rehab trips are down to 2 days a week, now. To list them all the new things would get very, very boring. For the most part, I become more positive about the future with each one. That’s a good thing. Okay, last news to announce: My 21st birthday is wednesday. I might even get what I really want for my birthday, pretty soon~ If I didn’t tell you about it, the thing I want more than anything else for my bday is to ride a century (100 miles). It’s outrageous, hence why I chose it.

So I’ll see you / talk to you soon. Hope your days are going well!



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