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Hey all! What’s up? No, really… What’s up? If the news today didn’t scare you enough, I must say, hopefully it’s not a helicopter or a plane.

So as days go, today has been a good one. It’s not over yet! However, I’ll recount my day, and a little more. Sound good?

So today is day one of therapy days for this week. Only two days a week! Woohoo! and, after next friday, I’ll have even less therapies to go to~ So I spoke with Theresa, my physical therapist today. She asked me how I felt about the physical stuff coming to a close soon. And my response: finally! Not that Theresa’s a bad therapist, but hey, I’m already quite an active guy. So to have two more months of running on the treadmill would be quite a boring thing. Maybe next friday, Theresa will allow me to run at 10mph on the treadmill.. What do you think, Theresa? Regarding the fact that I won’t have phsyical therapy anymore soon, brings up my next topic of thought. So, when I tell people I’m currently in therapy since my accident, 90% of the people I say it to say, “Oh, physical therapy??” Nobody really understands that there’s more types of therapy out there! Here I am, loving my physical therapy, and groaning at the thought of all the others. Nobody just says, “oh, I bet you just loooove that Occupational therapy, don’t you?”. Pretty soon I’ll be able to respond to the usual “oh, physical therapy?” question with, “nope, not any physical therapy at all!” And then once again I can see the perplexed look on their faces.. Woohoo! Yeah, I love throwing people for a loop. After all, I have been thrown for one!

So after PT, I had lunch, and then Speech therapy. In speech therapy, I was actually given a chance to do something other than talk about school stuff, for once! Jen is very perceptive. I ended up ‘planning’ a trip to NYC by train for a saturday, and writing down the itinerary. Peice of cake. I’ve already done it, and messed up plenty! And really went to NYC! Not just ‘planned’. How bout that, Andy? Good thing we were late! (Almost got arrested, had we shown up at what was planned) Then, I got to leave. Very simple. I even did some preparing for my therapy with Jenn, by taking some notes on my Materials book. When she gave me an option of what to do therapy with, I didn’t even hesitate to say, not school stuff. School stuff is all fine and dandy, but she’s got different outlooks on it than I do. Brain-injured people often do. (Okay, i really don’t know whether that’s true or not, just thought I’d throw it in there for good measure.)

And then, when I got home, I watched my very favorite movie of all time! And I’m so pleased that it’s still my favorite movie! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Good Will Hunting. When watching it, I realised that he was put in a similar situation to mine! No, Will (the main character) didn’t get hit by a car, but he had to do therapy! I see a psychologist too! I may have said it before, but yeah… I wasn’t built for therapy. My family knows it, my friends, and now you do. I can’t wait till people stop telling me what to do. I love it how even in Good Will Hunting, Will says, “I don’t neeed therapy!!” in a very emotional manner. Hmm, never done that before….

So wednesdays are the good days for me to do posts on here, eh? I really want to write more, but I’ll need to think of what to write more often. The easiest thing to do is write about my days. Naa mean? So hey, I’ll give you yet another question, in the hope that someone will give me their $.02 about it. Now, I want a show of hands. Does anyone have interest in a bracelet made out of chainmail? Basically, send me an email containing your address, and I’ll send you one. Sometimes, us brain-injured kids need to give back! I’ve given some of them out, but only Beth’s received a real one. That is, a complex, double-width bracelet, of true chainmail proportion. You could get stabbed in the wrist while wearing it and not get cut at all! Now, this really is a limited time offer. I want the opinion of any and all about the idea of beginning to sell them. I think they’re really cool, and I would like to make them out of sterling silver or gold and of a smaller ring diameter. Not to mention, use an actual clasp for holding it on. Please let me know what you think I should do! my email is dtm92@drexel.edu for those who would actually like one, free.

Thanks for reading, as usual! Have a good day!


Soon to be a chainmail braceletThe box weave bracelet


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  • 1. Kirsten  |  Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 12:43 am

    Hey doug! That chainmail bracelet thing is awesome! Guess who else has gotten into making that? My mom! She thought your whole chain mail shirt thing was so cool at Drexel too. She’s got all the clasps going and the smaller ring sizes like you want to learn. Maybe you’d want to get in touch with her about where she gets her supplies? She probably has some books too. Well let me know…


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