Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 9:21 pm 3 comments

I’m making up new words now, I decided. How’s that sound to you? At any rate, I’m doing well today. Realistically, I’m doing well starting at like 4pm today. But I am! It’s not that I woke up in a horrible mood, but when am I ever happy to be going to therapies? So that was the beginning of my day.

Went to therapies, then I came home with my mom and laxed out. We got a phone call from Abington Hospital, and it was my aunt. She said my grandmother is doing really well, responding, and talking, and eating! Essentially, just yesterday that wasn’t the case whatsoever. So we went over to the Toll Pavillion at AMH, and visited. She looks awesome. Whether or not this is a permanent thing or not is undetermined, but it sure was great to speak with her. I keep trying to make parallels to my own little journey in the hospital, but this really is 25 steps different. She was in a coma, but not now. Not at all.

After a good bit of time there, I came home, had dinner, and got some stuff done. I made up a forum for Drexel U’s cycling team! Hopefully it’ll work out. I think it will. The web address of the forum is http://drexelcycling.editboard.com .

Also, I got good feedback from this site’s founder, Joe Kopena, about my disapproval of bicycle helmets. He said I should find out all I can about it, and we’ll put something up about it on Drexel Cycling Team’s website. Just so you know, that site’s webpage is http://www.dusers.drexel.edu/~cycling/ . Check it out! I’ll add the site to my list of websites on the right side of the page. That way, I can get lots of new readers!

So, about the new readers… Shh… Don’t tell anyone, but I was thinking about stopping writing on this blog. But- I decided not to. You know what made me change my mind in a positive way? You’ll think I’m such a loser for this, but ah well, such is me… I think it was yesterday that I got the coolest comment on one of my blogs. From who? Only the writer of the blog I read every single day, Bitch Kittie! Sorry to put you in the spotlight, BK, but really, you’re the reason I decided to keep up with this. I needed proof that my writing this actually is enjoyable. Maybe what I write is in fact not enjoyable, but the fact that BK had enough time to read a post of mine and comment on it, means that I actually have readers. BK is Bob Roll’s business partner, and has lots of insider information to spill out on her blog. And, she has a crush on George Hincapie. Why, I don’t know. Her site is in my Links.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll let you know how things proceed. They’ll probably proceed with an arrow pointing toward the future. But, I could be wrong.



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Proof that it’s a great year (sarcasm) CH_3_CH_2_CH_3_ !

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  • 1. Haroon Ahmad  |  Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 10:55 pm

    hey doug,
    glad to hear you grandmother is doing better.
    how are the classes and stuff going?
    ramp riot is just around the corner. are you ready to be the MC?

  • 2. Karen Ofchinick (Beth's mom)  |  Friday, October 27, 2006 at 10:56 am

    Guess you don’t know just how many people read your blog. So glad your grandmother is doing well. You should put a counter on the site to see how many hits. Keep staying positive. We all love you and pray for your daily.

  • 3. dougtales  |  Friday, October 27, 2006 at 2:24 pm

    funny enough, I have a counter on this blog. just so you know, A counter is in the bottom right part of this site. it’s under Blog Stats. I can also see how many people check out the site each day, which search engine terms were used to find the site, what sites link to this site, etc etc. It’s all there. But, and this will sound selfish, I didn’t have a sense of whether random people were reading this site, or if it was just people who have cared about my situation. turns out, it’s both. Reason that matters is because if you started checking this site to find out how I’m doing, you’ll probably give up on it in a little while. After all, a large number of people did. But trust me, I’ll keep this place full of info for your benefit. I like blogging. Don’t ask me why… I enjoy writing and I enjoy being creative and resourceful. So there ya go! Thanks for caring. -Doug


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