CH_3_CH_2_CH_3_ !

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Yes, I did write this title on purpose! It’s a shame I can’t make the smart ones identify it for you all- I’ll tell you what it means, if you don’t remember! C_3_H_8_? Umm, that’s what it is! Just kidding. So what it means is…. propane! Scroll down for more.

So my day has been good! Active! Meaningful. Blah Blah Blah… my mind is so scattered, I’ll start off by telling you all about yesterday. Or, at least a little part of it. Yesterday, I had therapies, and then came home. Took the Madone to the shop to have Tray tell me how I could make the rear derailleur stop shifting into the spokes… And I was indeed very worried that the derailleur pulley was bent a little. Turns out, it was even more crazy than that! Well, kinda. Never in my life have I ever damaged a frame, let alone a really awesome frame. But, as it turned out, my derailleur hanger was bent! All that meant was a little rebending it back, and it went wonderfully. But just thinking about my new bike having a big problem was devastating! I shall get back to staring at it as it hangs on my wall…

I just had to tell you all about that. If I didn’t, maybe you’d have thought that I’m perfect! Well, if I bent my derailleur hanger, I’m not. 🙂 . So today, as I was getting at, was a productive day too. I went and did some working at Dave’s place! The goal of the day was to move rocks from near the house to the pool area, and then help Dave do more rock wall building. I definitely needed it! It was a wonderfully warm day, and the muscle use was key. I’ll sleep well tonight, with my legs and arms crying out to me. After I was done with the rock work, I quick went down into my tools and grabbed a good tool. One of my propane blowtorches, to be precise. It was funny with it in my bag while I was on the train and in 30th St Station… Deep down I knew I was very dangerous! Although I’d never use the thing for anything but brazing. Which is why I got it. Other than that it’s been years since I’ve used a torch, just owning one is a cool thing. If I didn’t keep dropping the metal I was going to braze together tonight, I’d have tested out my silver-soldering skills! I always thought the flux you had to use was really gummy, but it’s not! Turns out, the kind I have is really liquid-y. Okay, I have enough chemicals. When will I stop noticing how many I have? I must say, it is indeed a good thing to read all the warnings that are on the labels of anything you’re using. Especially something you’ll ignite at 1000 degrees (i think). Lastly, I saw two people I’ve made friends with in the past. One from like 2 years ago, the other from like 3 or 4! And both of them knew about my accident. It’s still amazing how everyone knows what I’ve been going through.

Now, in my last post I mentioned that my grandmother is doing well. She’s now out of the ICU and in a less scary room now, which is a good thing. Round-the-clock nurse care, however. I do hope that like my therapist Gary said, she’s just got a case of hospital jitters. Basically, her memory and ability to make sense really isn’t anything like I’ve ever seen her with. It’s sad. Well, as usual, theres plenty of hoping to be done. 😉

Okay enough rambling. Have a good day. Remember to set your clock back an hour tonight!



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