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Okay, so that title was created merely because I needed a title. I moan at the creation of titles. And as of tonight, I moan at the thought of using my Miniature Milling Machine. Grr. I started using it for the first time in 6 months today and you better believe it, I may have broken it! Now, I don’t think it’s a waste, but yeah, the draw-screw that controls the z-axis decided that it had enough, and decided to stop being rigidly attached to the handle. I don’t want to use the vise-grips on my threads!

Okay, enough jargon for today. So today I did my usual trip to Drexel, and yet did an unusual bit of working toward the ‘future plans’. I first spoke with an advisor as to how I can assess myself, my memory of past classes already taken, and where I’ll be heading. That went pretty well. But, it wasn’t perfect. It didn’t throw me for a new loop, like I hoped! It just sent me to the same place I’ve been for a while. And, to make it even better, she did the usual commenting on how much I’ve been through, and sort-of showing that my situation isn’t in their play-book. Anything I do is never in the play-book! Which brings me to the next topic.

After that meeting, I tried to stop by and talk to Prof Barsoum, to get an idea of where to head as well. He wasn’t in. But, I did a good job of having a presence in the materials engineering department! I made sure to wave ‘Hi!’ to Judy, an overall awesome helper of all students in the dept, and briefly spoke with Dorilona. I met her like a year or so ago, when she wrote an article about me for materials engineering dept’s newsletter. It was about how I made cycling a part of my goals for my major. You can read the article here: http://www.materials.drexel.edu/Students/Undergrad/Profiles/doug_markgraf.aspx . After telling her about the kind of stuff I do lately, she thought she’d like to write a second article about me in some time! It’s quite an honor to be notable in some way or another. Especially if I don’t have to write the thing myself, like I do here! All things told, the MSE dept at Drexel is top-notch. I give them an A+, and I have hardly taken any courses from their staff yet. They are just so unbelievably helpful in my situation. From now on, I’m not going to talk to anyone other than MSE people, when I have something on my mind. It should have been this way for a while, now. I’ll leave the details of what she’ll write about for a while down the road. After all, I still have plenty of work to do, to make the stuff actually solidify. Ironically, it seems that very little of what I have to deal with is solid. Hence why I build things. Or, try to.

OH! I almost forgot to ask you all a question! I’ve been reading my 60-year-old horology book, and i’m back to the beginning of the book. I don’t remember anything I had already read in the book! Well, I couldn’t pass a test on it, I should say. Not like anyone’s quizzing me. 😦 So there was this word that I kept thinking about all day long: sidereal. It’s a term used when talking about the position of the earth with the sun, and it’s rotation. So, how do you pronounce it? There are numerous possible ways. It all comes back to the fact that I analyze my methods of learning more now that I’ve ever done. In order to feel confident that I know something I’ve read about, I need to be able to pronounce it. I guess that’s because for some people, reading is just like speaking in your head. Well, it is for me. The pronunciation of a word often gives a good idea of the makeup of the word, and it’s roots. Do the words Side and Real come into play? or is it actually a single, scientific word? Hell, is it just a word that was used around the year 1945, but not elsewhere? This is important! hehe.

Alright, I’ll let you go. Shoo! Get out! Okay, you can stay if you want. But I’m leaving. SO there.



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Happy Halloween! HAHAHAHAHA

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