Oh the weaves we weave.

Monday, November 6, 2006 at 2:06 pm Leave a comment

So this morning has proven to be a useful one! It’s the only morning other than Saturdays that I have completely open. So, this morning started out just kinda bland. I woke up, and mulled around in bed for about an hour, because I knew I had to do the dishes. However, turns out my mom didn’t know I was going to do them, so she did them instead. Thanks, mom? Anyway, I woke up and stared around my room for quite a while. As it turns out, I realized some stuff that I could do to make my goals more realistic! So, I’ve been trying to ride on the rollers more lately. Now, for you non-cyclists, rollers are like a treadmill for a bike. They’re tough. I realized that I could use my chainmail ring-making tools as a means of support, so I did it. That, and I began to think about how I can make the chainmail process go smoother. Turns out, the idea for chainmail making that I had wasn’t adequate, but I’m glad I tried. So basically, my room is now even more of a hangout for Dougtales. I make chainmail there, I read there, I do hw there, I listen to music, I watch movies, I ride the bike there, I sleep there… You get the idea. I just go out of my room when I have to use the bathroom, watch Heroes, or eat. Oh, and leave the house; which I do quite often.
My room on steroids

Now, I know that this pic is a little tiny, but when you look at the full-size version, you’ll see just a load of stuff. I look at it in here, and I smile. It’s just that everything in that part of the room screams “Doug”. First, you see the bike. And, below it are the rollers. In the upper left side you see the chainmail making apparatus, with the large handle. Moving right, you see my wonderful stereo (although tiny), and lotsa stuff on my dresser. Then, in the rightmost side, a whole bunch of stuff. The blue thing is my snowboard. On the binding, there’s a plaque from my high school’s robotics team, with a picture on it. Then, a little bit lower, you can just barely see the electric guitar I designed and built (it’s green). So yeah. It’s a perfect view of where I spend all my time. Good thing you don’t see all my clothes and the insides of the dressers! Now that’s some disorganized stuff!

Hopefully I can do some snowboarding this winter, hopefully I can get back on the road cycling, hopefully I can get back to all my engineering endeavors, hopefully I can actually find someone who cares about all this stuff! At any rate, I shall get back to you at a later date! Nice umm, talking?



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Bingo! This just in!

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