Riding, chatting, flatting, lectured, etc… (a long one)

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Hey all-

Today was quite an interesting day. Plenty of stuff to write about. So, brace yourself.

It started out with me waking up earlier than necessary. As soon as I hopped out of bed, the job at hand was to make traveling with the bike as easy as possible. I chose a different bag (out of the many that I own…) to use even while riding, put on my cycling gear (yeah steve, I’ve been wearing it since 8am this morn…), filled up the tires, and the like. You get the idea. Then, I proceeded on my way to Philly, which includes two forms of transportation; a shuttle bus, then the train to 30th street station. On the shuttle bus I had a nice chat with a really cool senior citizen. One of the first things he said to me was that most senior citizens have nothing to talk about, yet talk wayyy too much. I pretty much agree. Thanks sir! He also made a good point, regarding the (now nonexistant) helmet law for motorcyclists in PA. Basically, he thinks that the helmet law was gotten rid of for smart (although very conservative) reasons. First, one thing that it does is “weed out” the smart bikers from the dumb ones (those who choose not to wear a helmet). Then, another benefit of disabling the law is that it actually cuts down on funds that get disbursed from medical insurance companies or gov’t funding. The bikers who somehow survive the traumatic accident and end up in a vegatative state actually cost more money. Essentially, cutting down on that was probably a reason they repealed the law. Now, this wasn’t my initial opinion of the law, however, I must say, it’s pretty smart. I personally think that any money that was saved in the matter should be being spent on educating bikers to wear helmets. After all, prevention is the best thing anyone can do.

Okay, so after that schpiel, the shuttle bus driver decided he’d get lost, and thus made us late for our train. No biggie, I still made it to class on time. Lecture was about the types of pschological testing that companies and the government use to find out a person’s truthfulness and character traits. It’s funny how I really do remember everything from the class when I first learned it all. Even down to his “suicide” schpiel! (ask me about it if you’re really confused)

Next, I met up with Sam, a new member of the cycling team and friend from engineering. He has a new bike, I have a new bike. He has a trek, I have a trek. He has the Cratoni Ceron helmet in blue, I have it too. He inflates his tires by means of CO_2_, so do I. Okay, enough, right? I must say, he’s got a little more oomph than I do on the bike right now. GRR! Just kidding. We did only about 16 miles, and I am glad to say I used my new computer/HRM to the utmost extent! It was great. Only thing that I’d change regarding it’s design is that I’d make the numbers and text larger. But hey, it’s really fun to be able to consistently wear your bike computer on your wrist at all times! I can recite my max heart rate, my resting heart rate, how often I stay within my training zone… Okay, i’ll stop. It’s the Polar CS300. Oh yeah, and a ::fun:: thing that happened while we did our 16 mi was that I got my first flat! I think Sam jinxed me though. He said, “it’s a good thing you didn’t get a flat on the rear tire!”
Sam and ISmiling while riding.

Next, I got some RED bottle cages, and hung around the city till I could take the train. Funny thing there too! As I was walking to 30th Street Station, a very odd woman walked up next to me and first asked why I walked my bike and held the seat instead of the bars. (Yeah, I do it for fun.) Next, she got right to the point. Apparently, because I walk my bike in such a way, I am aiding in the betting of criminals. Can you believe that? Well, she did. She went far enought to claim that if she saw me again, she’d take my picture and report me ‘to the authorities.’ I quick walked away from her, and what happens? We must have crossed paths or something while walking thru the main concourse. I saw a flash… I think (although I’m not sure) she took my picture! That psycho! Do you aid in the betting of criminals too?

Okay, last thing. I think she put a jinx on me. Along with Sam. Turns out, I had a slow leak in my rear tire after all. By the time I got on the train, my tire was empty. Now, that’s called double-flatting. I double flatted, for the first time ever! [grimaces] I have another tire to fix…..

Thanks for reading,


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