Ramp Riot 2006 Continued

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So I just wanted to give you all a good idea of what Ramp Riot was like. It was definitely great! I got a ride to the High School from Dave, and so I arrived at the comp by 8am. The beginning of a long day… It started out really low-key. Teams were already there, doing practice rounds when I got in. Everyone already had something to do! Except me and Dave! However, there was a volunteer list of which jobs are being done by which people, which was helpful. As a result of looking at that, I originally decided to completely disregard it and find something I didn’t have to step my foot into. So I went and was the offical helpy-helperton at the information tables we had set up. It was really a great job, too! I kept running into people I knew, remembering things I knew, and talking to some really cool people. I had a long discussion with Mrs. Torrente, all about my recovery and whatnot. At the table next to ours, Andy Baker (or someone else at AndyMark) was showing people his new products. They were awesome! They found a really simple way to make mecanum wheels! Looks like 357 Upper Darby HS won’t be the only one with em the coming season!

At lunch I was told that I should be on the field.. To help out, I thought. Turned out, among the other things Mr. O wanted to announce, he announced me, because of having spent so many years volunteering at the competition, and that I was still here, despite having gone through my accident. I dunno- is it actually shocking that I showed up? Last thing I ever enjoy hearing is “Doug, you came so close to death.” At any rate- I of course had to put my two cents in about the fact that I was still helping out… So I did a handstand. First time doing one after the accident.

Following lunch, I felt like it was really my time to do my jorb of MCing. So I got the mic and it wasn’t difficult at all~ It was really cool to be out in the spotlight still, even while I still have therapists who expect that I don’t have the capability of doing more than one thing at once. While MCing, I had to pay attention to numerous people all at once. For the sake of time (which ended up being way over schedule anyway) I had to keep looking to the announcers, to the teammates in the booth, to the people setting up the robots, and to the music. Okay, so I didn’t HAVE to pay attention to the music. I just enjoyed doing so! I continued to MC up until the Quarterfinals were over, or shortly beforehand. I forget. At any rate, I got a nice break following that, and all in all, it was a great thing. I did in fact get a chance to speak with Mrs. Jahn, who I was told has been doing some work with chainmail bracelets as well as I! She really has the art of it down pat. I however, have the mechanics of it down… Making my own links (instead of buying them pre-made), trying to design clasps, and the like. If you want a really fine chainmail bracelet, go talk to her before you talk to me!

So the end of the day was pretty late, as competitions go… Shortly after 6pm, the teams were on their way back to locations as close as this county, to as far as Connecticut. Of course, there was still plenty of work left to be done. However, it really was a piece of cake! There were other teams sticking around to help clean up, along with our 40-50 volunteers. I didn’t even get a chance to touch a true tool all day long! Not a horrible thing, but also not a normal thing, for me! Following packup, the tradition is that the volunteers who are actually sociable all dine at a local restaurant. However, I think we all just were to kicked to figure it all out. Also, due to my sociability, I ended up talking to another mentor who planned on taking his team to the exact same place we had the idea of doing. We knew that wouldn’t work, due to the size of our ‘potential’ party. As the picture showed, everyone just couldn’t manage to keep on their feet, or even think straight. As a result, Jess and I decided to do our own thing. We ended up getting some Pizza Hut pizza, which was marvelous. I didn’t actually hit the bed till about 1:30am! That in fact means that I was on my feet for the good portion of 12+ hours! Awesome!

Well, hope you enjoyed my $.02. Oh, and by the way, congratulations to teams 173, 357(!), 222, and 486 for becoming Ramp Riot Champions! Awesome showing by all. Oh, and if you can tell me how you make it to the semi-finals without winning a single elimination round (30 total), please tell me!! Assuming you’re confused… Team 341 Miss Daisy did just that.

See ya!


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