Graeme Obree, some awesome woman, and blogs

Monday, November 20, 2006 at 11:53 pm 1 comment

Hey all-

So it’s odd, I actually have my blog entry planned out, more or less! Shocking!

First and foremost, I must say: this blog entry aborted itself at 11am today when I had some problems with my Polar HRM/Bike Computer. I really wanted to just ::hardly:: brag about my skills with riding! Turned out, it experienced unexpected effects of who knows what, right after I started my training for the whole hour I planned. Essentially, at random times during the ride, it claimed that my heart rate had exceed 210 bpm, which is pretty much just like being given a ‘jump’ by a defibrillator while your heart is still working. Now, that definitely didn’t happen to me. But if I had posted the stats, maybe one of you would think it had?

So after cooling down, I returned to my computer and actually learned some stuff. Going in order of the title, I’ll first mention Graeme Obree! For those of you ‘not in the know’, he is a previous world record-holder for the distinguished ‘Hour-record’. On a bicycle racing track, he managed to travel farther in one hour than any man had ever done. Now, I learned today that his story includes much more than that. He is one of our aerodynamics fathers. And he has bipolar disorder, at the same time! And he built his record-breaking bicycle with parts he stole from a broken washing machine. The happy thing that made me want to mention him on the site is that it has recently been announced that MGM Studios (or whatever they call themselves) bought the right to produce and release a documentary about his story! Very soon, it’ll be out! And (hint hint) it’ll be partly based on his autobiography… which I really really wanna read.

So next: the “awesome woman”. Basically, it has been let out that in the past month, China has had a news story all over its newscasts on TV, blogs about it on the web, and has touched the hearts of many random people hearing about it. What is it? I’m really not the best one to explain the gist of what went down… But I’ll try. Essentially, an american woman working in Beijing who travels to and from her work each day had quite a run-in with a car driver… In Beijing, they actually have bicycle lanes large enough that it’s possible to drive a car in it.. Hint hint. This driver, along with countless others, thought it was an easy way to get through the never-ending traffic. He was wrong! The woman, whose name was not announced, noticed the car trying to drive there, and quickly decided to take thought into action. She hurried up and stopped her bike directly in front of the law-breaking citizen’s car. Absolutely refused to move. As a result, the driver yelled and had a hissy-fit, and at one point actually picked up the woman’s bike and threw it onto the ground. The awesome thing is that she still stood in his way. After threatening that he’d ::make:: her get out of the way, he up and decided that his plight was his own, and returned to the car lane. ::Doug Smiles. :: To read a more detailed decription of the incident, along with view pictures, visit .

Ya wanna know what’s great about the two newsbits that I relayed to you today? Both of them were actually discovered and relayed to me by other bloggers. Apparently, the word I can use to describe them is “netizens”. Odd. At any rate, despite being a blogger myself, I’ve been proved that blogs are crucial if you actually want to learn something new. Oh, and Dave Zabriskie kinda has a blog too.

Have a good one.


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  • 1. Idetrorce  |  Saturday, December 15, 2007 at 11:59 am

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


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