Grr! Long lines and red tape.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 at 6:29 pm Leave a comment

Hey you’s all~

As usual, another day at rehab, and as usual, pretty screwy. I won’t deny even to my therapists that I hate therapies. I do. Best thing after finishing therapies is having to walk in the rain to take a train back to the general vicinity of home, and then get good news in the mail! And of course good news is only a relative term. Just like good anything.

I say good news because for a full 30 minutes, I was genuinely very pleased about it. However, and because I really care about my situation in all regards, I knew I had more stuff to figure out before settling into extreme happiness. Essentially, today I got a peice of mail from the Office Of Vocational Rehabilitation, saying that OVR cleared me and is willing to pay for my CORE evaluation, and my driving evaluation. If they didn’t give the option, I’d have to spend roughly 1200 dollars on stuff that actually hardly matters to me. However, the bottom line is that even to ride a bike by myself on the road, my parents and therapists would feel best if I were to pass a driving evaluation. I’ve pretty much accepted that.

So I called and actually scheduled my driving evaluation, which is supposed to be happening just before the end of the year. While speaking with the receptionist, she made an effort (strong one) to ask if I had gotten my license suspended as a result of having my injury. I expected that I had, but never received a letter from PENNDOT about it. As she explained, if I don’t even have a valid license, I can’t even take the driving evaluation. Kinda funny, isn’t it? So I did my research, and called up penndot to find out whether my license had actually been suspended, guess what! It has. Essentially this means that I’ve gotta get my doctor to sign off on the ::chance:: that I could drive again, and with more hurdles, it means more time. After that, who knows what’ll be next! I can only expect that I won’t be able to get my test till perhaps 2 months from now. Long lines and red tape, you see. All just so that I will know that I’m 100% cognitively stable to ride a bike on the road. Yes, I am fully aware of how odd that sounds.

Umm, what else do I have to mention.? Well, I’ll attempt to say something amusing. On my polar heart rate monitor, I knew I had the ability to change the main logo/image that was displayed on the main screen. The main screen shows the date, day, time, and the icon that is actually customizable. So I changed it! My watch actually says “DOUG!” ! It’s pretty cool. But hey, if you can think of an even funnier icon, let me know, and I’ll do it! That icon, however designed, must be completely black and white though… Hard? Jk.

Alright, so you heard my news for the day. Hope you enjoyed it.



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Graeme Obree, some awesome woman, and blogs I can finally ride on my rollers again!

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