“Build A Bike Challenge” and more!

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Hola~ (upside down question mark to be added here)Como estas?

So if you are really a super Dougtales reader, you may have noticed my mom’s post on here last night. I’ll try and be as specific as possible, and as easy-to-follow regarding it all. So on the Drexel Cycling mailing list, somebody sent out an announcement about a contest to be held on KYW3 today, the 29th of November. I really liked the idea, and I knew that right off the bat, I knew plenty of people who’d be more than willing to be my partner. Lots of thinking… And I finally decided on my friend Jess. We’ve started hanging out alot more lately, and we had spoken about how she should really get into cycling. And, she has a wonderful mechanical background, having been in my Robotics Team for a few years in high school. Called her up, and she liked the idea.

So we entered, my entries adding up to 4 or 5, and hers adding up to a measly one. Essentially, you had to enter to be a contestant on their website, and in the rules it stated that you could enter numerous times. So I did. And funny enough, her single entry got us into the competition! I was stoked, and we got right to the bottom line: If we win, how’re we splitting the money? The winners of the competition would receive a gift card from Bike Line for $500! I made it nice and easy, and told her that because she needs a bike, she could receive 400, and I’d take 100. After all, what all could I possibly use, bike related? Surely, I could use a set of aero bars, but not a whole lot else. There ya have it.

I stayed at Jess’ apt last night, and woke up at a prompt 3am, which gave us enough time to waste, and time to wake up as well. It all flowed pretty smoothly. We had to be at the station by 4:30am. Once we got there and were ‘briefed’, we had a full hour and a half to waste before actually starting to build the bikes at 6am, or after. And, it took a full 20 minutes to assemble the bike(s). The competition was harsh, with two guys who had been into cycling for many years, a team of two fixie-riders, two west chester guys (young, too), and a team of two bike mechanics. Well, at least one of em was, for sure. Can you guess who won the competition? The bike mechanics! We were mighty close, and it’s pretty easy to say we were either second or third. Bottom line was that second got the same parting-prize (well, value at least) as the rest. So we walked away with 2 tickets to a Sixers basketball game, for December 20th. If anyone wants to buy them off of us (the pair) we can save you $30 off the ticket price! Now, I’m not plugging with greediness. I’m plugging because I want to help out a friend in need. I’m not accepting a dime from the sale of my ticket. I don’t see why I would! Anyway, if you’re actually interested, you can email me at dtm92@drexel.edu for more details.

Okay, so I would absolutely love to embed the video of the comp on here, but I don’t have the file myself! go to http://cbs3.com/video/?id=33330@kyw.dayport.com for a video of part of it. You can see me in my drexel cycling cap!

The other stuff I wanted to talk about? Let’s see, yesterday I rode 31 miles. And, part of my driving evaluation is now scheduled for friday! Furthermore, my CORE evaluation will take place tues, thurs and fri of next week. It’s all beginning to start going the way I’d like it to. Next up, I’ll probably have to update you with bad news, knowing my luck!

Have a good one-


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