Ducktales Episode (pt 3), riding, and maybe(?) more

Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 10:59 am 2 comments

So there you go! I’ll be honest, I spreaded them out among days to try and see if anyone actually was checking this site looking for videos (which I know are rare). I can tell you, if numbers go down from day to day, I’d say that nobody really wants to watch cartoons. Sigh. I guess I’ll have to do other kooky things, like write poetry or put up song lyrics… Just kidding. Although, I used to write poetry. If anyone reading this has a really old, old Macintosh computer that works, let me know! I, like a good, smart guy, saved all my stuff, writings, journal entries onto an external harddrive when I had to give the computer back to the high school I bought it from (long story that I hardly remember- thanks TBI). So it all still exists, in my basement, in electronic form. Alas, I haven’t seen a desire/need to be that creative with words in a long time.

Okay, next topic. As if I actually had a list of stuff to go by, eh? Yesterday was a pretty good day! The day before, I really had no idea what my Saturday would be like. Had no plans. Then, upon talking to my friend Steve, I decided to just say screw it, and subject myself to the cold outside and do a bike ride the next day. The original plan was to take two trains to the Schyullkill River Trail, but then I realised that all I had to do was use the trails on Kelly Drive/MLK drive in philly. So I did. And at the end of the day (and yeah, it really was a full day..) I had 43 miles on my bike computer. My goal teetered between doing 30 and 50, so I settled on at least 40. Now, after mile 23, I began feeling pain in my left knee. Only got worse. I could have decided to stop, and be smart, but instead I just kept going. I didn’t feel so much pain right away, but by the evening, I was mighty aggrivated! Bending the knee really hurt. If I stopped right here, I can be almost positive that I’d have numerous comments on this entry, telling me why I even had the problem. But- I do know why. And here goes: Many riders (much older than me, i must say) find it vital to use a pair of pedals with a large float. Float is the amount of rotation your foot is allowed to have in the pedal, before it is released. Now, I haven’t examined my pedals/cleats, but I have strong reason to believe that some reallignment is neccessary. And if the reallignment doesn’t work, I’ll just send the bike back to the store, because it’s broken. LOL! I’d never do that to ____(name not picked out yet), but surely, my Madone is amazing. On another point entirely, the name of the bike is also the name of a famous climb in Europe. Now, I’m no bike-builder, but doesn’t that imply that this bike should be a climbing-bike? (cycling lingo)

Okay, have a good Sunday~


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Ducktales Episode (pt 2) Woohoo! new discoveries.

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  • 1. Stu Schwartz  |  Monday, December 11, 2006 at 10:50 am

    I was thinking about you on Saturday when the Ironman Triathlon from Hawaii was on. I don’t know if you can swim or run but somehow, I see you doing this craziness at some time of your life. I have run 4 marathons and really trained hard for a couple of them. Still, I was absolutely destroyed by the end of it. Add a 2.5 mile swim as well as 120 miles on the bike in blazing hot temps – well forget it. But I have a feeling that one day I will see you doing this.

    Hope you have a terrific holiday, Doug.

    – Stu S & Newton the Cat

  • 2. dougtales  |  Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 10:04 am

    If only I could swim, and could bear exercising off the bike (I told myself I’d start running, and yet haven’t dont it at all)! I do think I have some form of multisport competition in my future. Glad I came across your mind!


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