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Hey all-

Yeah yeah, it must seem pretty obvious that I’m not quite over my whole accident. It’s true. However, now I’m treating it just like I treat everything that I come across: with scrutiny! I asked my mom if I could finally have my old specialized helmet, because I wanted to examine it, and because I wanted to hang it up in my room. I actually benefitted from my having seen it.

So, the helmet I wore up till that fateful evening on May 31, 2006 was a very great helmet. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time, I made a reference to it in a prior entry (the one where I spoke to a member of the BHSI). The helmet was a 2003-4 Specialized S1. Perhaps it was my duty to buy the very best helmet I could, way back then. I had no idea it would be a huge part of my survival. I just liked the way it looked, with it’s HUGE vents, and incredibly light weight. I didn’t pay attention to how safe or unsafe it was, I just knew it was the helmet I really wanted. I saved up a little while, and got it from Keswick Bike Shop.

Fast forward a few years, and yeah, it gets destroyed. But it still looks the exact same way it did, 8 months ago! You have to look at it closely to notice the cracks. This is mainly due to the in-molded plastic outer shell on the helmet. It added extra stiffness to the helmet, which up until a few hours ago, thought was a reason why I even had my injury. I started looking at the helmet in detail because I wanted to find more cracks. Funny thing, eh? I’ve been saying for some time now that a helmet’s job is to crack, because a crack is a result of a large force to the helmet. The helmet cracks instead of your head. I dunno, I was going to be pretty down if I only found the one crack… It just wasn’t enough cracking to correlate to a head injury like mine.

Well, I took out a flashlight, and really inspected the inside of the helmet. That’s the part that doesn’t have the plastic in-molding. What did I find? Besides the large crack, there are 4 other cracks. Some of them are actually very substantial. One crack is straight through a supporting beam in the side of the helmet. I can finally be pretty confident that that crack is what is a result of the force which caused the injury to the one side of my brain. Now, doesn’t it seem like I’m delving too far into this?

Alright, enough text. Hope you could stand my (hopefully) last entry relating to that split second on May 31.


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Ducktales Episode (pt 3), riding, and maybe(?) more A photo.

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