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Howdy all-

It’s Friday the 22nd/23rd (Depends on the time and how exact you wanna be) at 2:08am, and I’m pretty much wide awake. Go figure. I was really tired only an hour ago, and now I’m ready to do a marathon. Funny, as a TBI-survivor, I’m supposed to have probs staying up late. But no!

I’ve (and all of us) got a big schedule coming up. Starting at ten a.m. on Saturday, I have a memorial service/funeral to attend, for my uncle. I’ve spent a good 8 hours or so working on this Keynote Presentation with pictures of him from throughout his life, and put some wonderful music in the background. I’m pleased with it. And of course, being pleased with a memorial service’s work goes hand-in-hand with tears. Not a commonplace situation, surely. I do miss my uncle, and always will. As it’s becoming very clear, I was the only person in the entire family who shared his interest of photography. Only way to memorialize someone is to mirror their life as much as you can, right? Following the service, I’ll continue production of some remaining xmas gifts. I like working down to the wire, it gives me a sense of purpose. One that is kinda vague, at the moment. Then, there’s the commonplace events of the Christmas holiday; chinese food on xmas eve (a tradition!) and on xmas, the house will have over twenty people all joining up and celebrating the beginning of a new turn of events. We all very much need an excuse to think that something will change. I think christmas will be the start of those thoughts, and then, of course, will be New Years. Regarding New Years, I have been hoping to co-host a party in Philly. There’s still hope, but it seems to diminish as the days progress. ::crosses fingers:: I find it incredibly amusing that I very much would like to be the aide in most attendees’ typical New Years tradition: getting tipsy. I think it’s a result of the fact that yeah, I can’t be part of that tradition any more, but me being who I am, I always love to throw the normalities out the window. I have a few friends who don’t want to be around me while they drink. Being a college student, if I were to get upset whilst others drank, I’d quickly become very unpopular! However, I don’t think I’m quote, ‘popular’ either! I’m Doug. Er, Dougtales?

On that note, I have a humorous topic to mention: the Blog Stats! It’s apparently incredibly popular for those who read this site to look at! I wish it really showed linear progression, so that it made you more pleased! It’s definitely not the most important thing on my mind when thinking about this blog, but it’s like I said, humorous. I have random people (and my mom!) coming up to me and saying, “so alot more people checked your blog today than is common, Doug!!”. I don’t know how to respond to a statement like that. It is what it is.

Last thing: I’ve heard from my mom that some people have been unable to view the video that I last posted. I really don’t know why that is. On my computer (a Mac with OS X), it shows up fine. I pretty firmly believe that if you can’t see it, it’s because you don’t have the proper software. And heck, I know that you don’t just ‘know’ what software to get. Most people who use those fan-dangled PC’s just use the standard web browser, Internet Explorer. I think that everyone should not have just that; they should also have a free program like Safari, or Firefox. Firefox is probably the best. You can download it off their website, which is easy to find by using a search engine. On another point, I just reinstated/reinstalled Salling Clicker! It means that once again, I have the ability to use my smartphone as a remote for key programs on my computer! iChat, iPhoto, Keynote, Mouse control! 🙂

Okay, well I still have some stuff to do. Hope you have an awesome day.


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Video Christmas Eve

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