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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 1:32 am 1 comment

Hey all-
First, I’ll give you some visual joy.
The Garmin on the Madone

So yeah, I’m all happy with it! It does everything I could have asked a bike computer to do, plus more. Ya see, I mentioned in my last post that I was having difficulty with the navigation side of things on the unit. Well, it’s real tricky, I must say. But, I was able to find a piece of software called ExpertGPS, which allows me to make waypoints and do some dot-to-dot lines to connect them. It’s real simple, but I tested it out and it follows it’s general idea, which is great. So, with a tool like this, my first race (shortly following May 31, 2007) will have to be spectacular! I do have plenty of time to prepare.

Regarding the cycling thing- it should come up in everyone’s minds: why is Doug getting a bike computer if he can’t even ride on the road yet??? Well, not for long. Not for long at all. The first official day will be the 30th of this month, Saturday. It will be grueling, hilly, and fun. The three things I love about cycling! Oh, and I guess I could include ‘fast’ in my list of words, but this one will be slow, for sure. I can’t wait!

Hmm, this has been quite a cycling-related entry, hasn’t it? Well, I must say something different to end it, then. 20-gauge Non-tarnish Silver wire is sooo weak! I made a whole 2 bracelets out of it (one that I just lost, too) and that’s all it took to get me to realize how finicky it is. I will have to find a use for the 50 feet of wire I have left. If you have suggestions, let me know!

Okay, have a good day, peoples!


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Merry Xmas! Music and stuff.

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  • 1. zappoman  |  Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 4:20 am

    Doug, I have a Garmin Edge too… I love it. I have played around a couple times with pre-loading a race course in before a race, but never successfully used it in a race. I spent two weeks preparing for my Ironman by building a course map by hand with Google Maps and then converting it to a GPX file. But I also wanted elevation data because this race had about 2000 meters of ascent, so I wrote a java app to download elevation data from the US Geological Service… then the day before the race, they announced at the pre-race meeting that the course had changed! Darn it! All that work for nothing. Turns out I had also forgot to upload it to the bike computer anyway. 😉


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