My awesome first ride

Sunday, December 31, 2006 at 10:06 am 1 comment

Hey all-

Figured all of you would really like to hear how my ride yesterday went, so here goes~

The ride was really awesome. In great Doug fashion, it was full of twists, turns, up, downs, and of course, the occasional thought of giving up. Okay, well I can clarify that wanting to give up is not a normal thought for me, but it did come up. It was pure stupidity (and machoness?) that made me keep going!

So, I started the ride at 8am, headed for Easton, PA. I thought I was dressed properly, but the first 20 miles were the worst, because I had freeezing fingers and toes. It was just those parts that had any problem. Luckily, I had my parents committed to doing support for me the entire ride, and they just drove up and brought my gloves and booties. It took a long time to warm up in the car, when I put them on~! There’s a possibility that wasn’t useful, but i sure enjoyed being able to lax out in the warm car. Back on the road, I didn’t really stop for the remaining 36 miles! There were more hills, mountains, whatever you call em, after the first 20 miles. And that was fine, I actually enjoyed em. Didn’t have any control issues, or problems navigating. I’d love to say that my bike computer came in pure handy during the ride, but it didn’t. In fact, my HR just up and decided to call it a day. Even before I started. So who knows what the HR was…. All I know was that I was alive. Really useful tool for me was the ‘heading’ box, which would tell me which direction I was heading. All I had to do was go North, so I knew I was going the right way the whole time. In the last 6 miles, I was on a road called Morgan Hill road. Sounds kinda basic, for a name, right? It was a road that seemed to span a whole bunch of hills, and my dad still says that was a mountain. All I know is that there was one climb which was a 16% grade. That’s only 1% less than climbing “The Wall”, Philly’s toughest, famous climb. I was rewarded after the climbing, because once you get up, you have to go down. And I did. My max speed (I think.) was 36 mph! It’s been some time since I remember travelling at that speed. It was great. All told, the ride was properly planned, and it was mostly all really calm roads. I’m really glad for that. I didn’t want to do any riding on 611. I could, but it wouldn’t be fun.

After the ride, I could just barely feel my left knee… As time progressed I felt it more. It still seems to be less dramatic and painful than the first time (and last) I felt it. I’m glad of that as well.

So today I’ve got some stuff to do, then later tonight of course I do some New Years celebrating! I do hope it all works out. I also wanna watch the game tonight, the Eagles (vs someone). I still have no idea if it’s going to be easy to get into the city after it. I hope so.

Well, I shall talk to you all in time!

PS: I’ll update you with photos of the ride soon. Maybe even some graphs from the training software I pair up with my Garmin!


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  • 1. Dougtales' Mom  |  Monday, January 1, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    God has surely blessed you, Doug! You are an inspiration to all. You have come so very far in seven months! The world is yours to discover, to learn from, to share and to ride! Praise God for your healing! God has triumphed in your tragedy! The freedoms that were taken away from you He has given back in SO many ways! May God continue to shower you with His blessings always! Dad and I can never express fully how blessed and proud we are of you! All our love, Mom and Dad


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