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Hey peoples-

So the last few days, I’ve been running my mind through circular patterns. Or maybe hexagonal, I’m really not sure… Okay, you get the idea, though. Basically, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have both the skills and necessary tools to be a very useful person in the digital realm. And what to do now? Okay, I’ll list all of it out there for you: professional audio recording skills, photography, digital media, website design and maintenance, digital videotaping and production of video, and the list goes on. Why did this pop up?

So yesterday, I did some soundmixing for my friend Cat’s parents’ band, Six Pack. Now, I knew I could do the work… But right before I went to start working on the gig, I thought, ‘Wonder if they’d like this show to be digitally videotaped!’ and ‘Maybe they’d like it digitally recorded and mastered!’. All in all, they seem to be looking forward (perhaps) to my videotaping a show as well as mixing it, but the important thing is that it crossed my mind. I really should start doing more work in this realm. I have so many skills and interests, and they really should be made use of! If you know of anyone who could use my help, I’d love to do so. It’d keep my gears turning!

Gears turning… That reminds me of how I still have to draw up plans and do a little more research on how I’ll make my first pocket watch. Now, it should be said that this pocket watch will be a long time in the making. But- I like a challenge. Maybe I’ll work on it sooner than later. I need to fix some of my workshop tools and rearrange some things. I can only imagine that my friends’ basement (where they’re stored) would become much more useful if they were up and running! Fun!

Hmm, well, to the sound of gears turning, I’ll get back to watching ‘Zoolander’. Have a good night, and an awesome Monday, as well.


PS: I just completely remembered how momentous yesterday was! Now, it is to my own disadvantage/fault that I have forgotten about my FIRST love. Okay, quite literal, in fact. FIRST, (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) announced this year’s game/competition, and it is, as usual, interesting. I look forward to helping the robotics team this year, as I always do! I do feel like an oldhead… Do you? So what’s your strategy for this year’s game? Is there really much strategy? Tell me there is, please!


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Wired To Win! A blog entry, I think.

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