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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 2:15 am 1 comment

Hey all-

I’m glad I continue to update this site so often! I hope you are too.

So today, I got some good stuff done! First thing I did was slept… most of the morning. Woohoo! I think I did it because I really didn’t want to actually get my day’s assignment done: registration for a class at Montgomery County Community College. After a load of just lying around, followed by some EasyMac, I hopped on the bike and was on my way. I very much love having this new ability to transport myself whereever I need to be. True, it takes longer than a car, but who needs to get everywhere super-fast when he has nothing to do all day, anyways? I indeed have very little to do, most days. Well, very little things that I HAVE to do. Anyway, back to my day. I went off on my mission to Montco, travelling over the hills and through the towns… I left after 12 and by 2pm, I had gotten to the building, registered, and was on my way over to Wissahickon High for the robotics meeting! Oh, and just to let you all know: I’ll be taking Philosophy 110 this semester. I told my friend Kirsten and she replied, “You couldn’t have chosen anything easier?”. I am glad she said that! I thrive on challenge. Let’s hope this class is hard!

Next, I put my .02 in at the High school, where the team was beginning to solidify their ideas for this year’s robot. I wish I could tell you all what is up the sleeves of those bright students and teachers and mentors, but I can indeed tell you that it is awesome. It will hopefully all pan out the way they’re theorizing. And better! For an idea of what I’m relating to, check out this link: US FIRST

On a completely side-note: Today, Apple Inc (yes, they changed their name from Apple Computer, to just simply Apple) announced two new products: the iPhone and the Apple TV. I watched the Keynote presentation they made on the matter of new things in the company… And I’m an ‘old soul’. All at the age of 21! The new cell phone they’re releasing is nifty, and will surely receive alot of attention. Basically it’s a couple things all in one: an iPod (4 or 8gb), a full-screen video player, an internet viewer, and a cell phone. And it has no buttons. It just has a touchscreen! Now, before you go out and buy one, I have to put out my opinion on the matter: I can’t stand the touchscreen on my own Palm Treo 650. If I need to input a phone number, I type with the buttons instead of use my finger to push the digital icons on the screen. Why? I use my thumb, often. A thumb is wayy too wide to be pushing things like phone numbers or navigating menus of importance! Therefore, I think that the iPhone is only a good tool for those who are okay with being ever-so-careful while pressing “buttons” on its screen. The Apple TV? It’s a box with 802.11 wireless networking capability and 40gb Harddrive which plugs into your TV. What’s its purpose? To give you yet another reason to purchase Apple’s online media on iTunes. Basically, it has the ability to store whichever movies you download from their store, and is perfectly capable of showing it in HD. The man who explained it has an HD fetish, I think. He kept using the concept in sentences talking about it, like “And this is a perfect feature to work well with your HD widescreen television”. As far as I could see, the product doesn’t do anything but transfer your media from your computer harddrive to your harddrive next to the tv. All I would do to solve the problem is buy a laptop instead of a desktop pc! I know that there are some strictly desktop users out there, so this would be handy for them, but at the exact same point, I do wonder if price of this unit, added to that of a desktop computer, would add up to the price of a laptop? Apple will most likely do all that they can to hide this idea. I have not seen a price for the products so far. So there’s me feelings about the new technology. I’ve begun to see another side to Apple Inc, lately. They’ve become a little too popular for comfort, now. They seem to be the same as every other company in the prime spotlight: out to make a quick buck any possible way, regardless of how useful the product really is.

Well, that being said, I’ll get to bed! Have a good night.


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Ideas 30 miles, robotics(?), therapies, and the wall

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  • 1. dougtales  |  Friday, January 12, 2007 at 10:28 am

    I love it how so many people think I was saying positive things! I actually was, in my own way, complaining. I definitely don’t like the way Apple is changing into a company that actually cares what people think (they made their computers able to run windows now!). Now, that all told is a good thing, but it also means that they’ll create alot of pointless products. Because the public likes pointless products, especially as gifts. I’ll love my Mac nonetheless, but I’m not dying to get the newest product of theirs, for sure.


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