30 miles, robotics(?), therapies, and the wall

Friday, January 12, 2007 at 11:57 pm 2 comments

So today was an amazing day. Funny enough, I was supposed to write a blog on here just a day ago letting you know that yesterday was a great day as well. All told, I’ve had a great two days, and that makes for a long entry. I apologise in advance.

So I’ll start with yesterday, k? Yesterday had a great thing on that had been on the planner for a full month prior: meeting at MossRehab at Einstein Hospital in Philly for the results of my CORE evaluation. For the entire week, I thought about how I had to prepare myself for them telling me alot of upsetting things that I would feel were completely unjust…. As it turns out, there was only one part of their results that was like that! I all-told was glad about that. Basically, and because I might as well admit, they said that I was great except my initiation and very rare bouts of attention to detail issues. Now, those deficits are in my eyes questionable. I feel that they aren’t very big. Bottom line: I’m discharged from the last therapy I was dealing with, Occupational Therapy. So that’s it, I’m done! Now, i still need to consider some consulting with my neuropsychologist, but I really don’t think I’ll have difficulty getting back to real life. What do you think?

The next part of my day was hanging out with some great people: my friend Derek and his parents at a bar to do some Karaoke! Now, I should defnitely say that I didn’t do any karaoke. Now, I put in a request for Smashing Pumpkins’ 1979, but I was never called up. It’s a good thing, since I was so nervous. Nervous because I don’t honestly feel confident in the strength of my voice. I’ve done much more training with the rest of my muscular system… And not with my vocal chords. I really enjoyed hanging out with them. And it was the first time I had ever went to a bar that carded pretty much. Haha.

So onto today. Today is a bit fresher in my mind so it might be a little more elaborate. I’m still wearing my heart rate strap. I’m finding myself wearing it most of every single day, with all the riding I’ve been doing. Now, I’m still not back to pre-accident mileage or speed, but I’m close. I’ll elaborate on that in time. What am I excited about? I’m excited about a piece of software: Garmin’s Training Center program, which is finally being released for Macintosh! It means that I can really start caring about all my statistics! At the beginning of the day, I was unsure of whether I’d ride at all. Once I found that out, I figured I should really get the ball rolling with training!

1/12/07 Ride: Home to Phila (long route)
Riding time: 1:52:23
Distance: 29.35 miles
Avg Spd: 15.7 mph
Max Spd: 38.1 mph
Elevation gain: 2,047 ft
Avg Climbing Speed: 12.8mph
Avg Descent Speed: 17.3
Avg Flat Speed: 16.4
Calories used: 1312 Cal
Avg Heartrate: 147 bpm (74% of max)
Temp: 48.2 F
Wind Speed: SW 8.6 mph (mostly a tailwind, too)

Travelling up the wall: (this is just a curious analysis)
Distance: .7 Miles
Time: 4min 40sec
Max Speed: 16.3 mph
Max Grade: 17.2%
Max HR (% of Max) 91%
Calories Burned on the wall: only 21! (don’t climb the wall to lose weight!)
Cadence avg: 69 rpm

So there you have my glorious stats. It’s not all of em, either! It’s just the interesting ones. I know I can improve dramatically… I’ll have to race myself up the wall now! My bike computer has the ability to simulate that. Every time I ride, I enjoy it more than the last time. I love it!

When I got to Phila, I met up with Haroon so that we could get our butts over to Episcopal Academy to help their new team out with starting their first year of robotics! It being build season, they’ve got alot of learning to do, real fast. And yeah, we waited at the arranged location for half an hour and nobody showed. 😦 It is very cool to at least try to be helpful with robotics stuff.

So that’s about it for my day’s announcements. I could go on and on, but I really doubt all of you are dying to hear everything about what robotics teammates joke about or how I train…

Countdown to Memorial Hall Crit (approx): 5 months 20 days?

Have yourself a good night, and a great weekend! GO EAGLES!!



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  • 1. Dougtales' Mom  |  Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 11:46 am

    YEAH! YEAH! Congratulations Doug!!! And Moss didn’t even give you a tee shirt for your graduation???!!!! I’m glad that your Garmin gives such ‘attention to detail (!)’ for all of your riding stats!!! Very impressive. And yes, I’ll keep it in mind that ‘climbing/riding’ the Wall only burns 21 calories…!!!

  • 2. zappoman  |  Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 4:33 am


    By the way, I am convinced that the Garmin’s calorie calculations are messed up. I think they base all of their calorie stats on “cycling speed” based MET to calorie conversions, and they don’t consider ascent in their calculations. Basically if you were traveling up a 25% grade hill generating massive amounts of power going 8mph, it would give you a calorie calculation based on a 8mph on a flat, METs around 4.0 “bicycling leisurely”… which is of course ridiculous. Anyway, if none of this makes sense and you care to hear more of my ramblings on the topic of calories burned and various bike computers… click here.


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