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Wednesday, January 24, 2007 at 10:40 pm Leave a comment

Hello. It’s been some time since I last posted. Sorry, ya’ll! I’ve made like two or three attempts over the past few days, but always got sidetracked. Truthfully, not much is particularly new in my realm.

Figured I might as well show you what I’ve been working on today. Today was an off-day; one that I had nothing planned for. Once I got out of bed I had thought, ‘hmm, I guess I’ll do some more riding today.’, however, I just couldn’t bring myself to doing it. That is perhaps because I didn’t want to do any work on the bike.

So the other day, I rode over to Montgomery County Community College to straighten out my situation with residence. They had to have proof of my residence in the county, not in Phila. Well, I just dug the relevant evidence, and had no problem showing them. After that, I got some wonderful pizza at Candida’s pizza in Ambler, and then pointed the bike in the general direction of home. I had to get back before roughly 2:30, because I had something at three that I didn’t want to be late to. Well, at the very top of the roughest climb on the entire home-montco route, I got a flat tire. I wasn’t pissed, just knew I really didn’t want to repair it. Couldn’t even do so because I had bought the wrong CO_2_ cartridge for my inflator (yeah, I’m all high-tech nowadays). So guess what I had to do? I got to walking, all two miles back home. Fortunately, I flatted well before I my deadline, and spent around 50 min walking home in my cycling gear. It was fun. Point of my mentioning all this was that my experience took a turn for the better, as I walked (and damaged my cleats)! A few days prior, I had to answer my cell phone while I was riding down Susquehanna Rd, in Roslyn. I dropped the phone, and hadn’t realized that my 1GB SD card had gone flying as a result. I went about my business, got home, and finally realized I had lost it. At that point, it was cold and dark, and finding it was impossible. Fast forward to the ride I have been explaining, where I was forced to walk home, past the location I had dropped the phone. I kept my eyes out, however was pretty sure I wouldn’t find it. Yes, I was riding my bike while there was snow on the ground(even walking in snow, fun with cleats)… But I found the thing! I was shocked, and I do say, I am glad I got that flat!

So I didn’t ride, instead I made my focus of the day’s work in the direction of building and repairing things. It went wonderfully. I repaired the flat tire, cleaned off the bike’s road grit, made it so I can hang my headphones on the wall, repaired my tackboard, and finally, continued constructing my chainmail shirt. Oh, and just before writing this, I got to working on my second sterling silver bracelet. I shall include a picture of work I have done, just for fun.

So yeah, I get pretty darn bored. This will change, surely, but it makes every day mesh together so much. Hey, I should mention that there’s a cool (free) ska show happening on Saturday, which my former Kelly Hall roommate, Kevin, has put alot of effort putting together. I think I’ll go. I’ll update you all with the info if you you’re interested~

Alright- Have a good one.


BraceletHeadphones, bike, and tackboard.Chainmail


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