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So today I’ve had a wonderful day, and it isn’t over just yet. All I really did today was help out a new robotics team, Episcopal Academy’s. I’ve been going over there alot lately, and it’s really growing on me! Today was the first full day that I was able to come and help them out. It’s always fun. Fun things like ‘gravity-check’s and nifty nabbers… They haven’t taken long at all to get into the swing of true robotics fashion! In building the robot, they’re going slowly, but getting it done, surely. I think I’ve finally gotten to remembering the fact that this is their first robot, which is important. They have only a few people, a few tools, and a rigorous school load on top of it. But, they’re happy and pleased to be doing it all, so I couldn’t ask for anything more. And I got to see the EA cafeteria today; it was much much much cooler than Wissahickon’s! Our (341) cafeteria is definitely the reason we haven’t won nationals in all these years!!

On to other things… so who’d have thought that a miniDV cassette had the ability to cause your camcorder to malfunction erratically? Well, mine did, and it took a good number of days to figure out exactly what was the problem! That was the joy of my night after midnight last night~ I also read about how el Zappoman (who has left a few comments on this blog…) has ridden an incredible amount of miles the past year. I’m talking about thousands of miles! That made me want to get to riding on the trainer for the first time in over a month. And that was at 10pm last night, so I really couldn’t.. 😦 I can at least feel like zappoman by using the same exact bike computer as him. haha.

alright, so tomorrow’s another day of robotics, woohoo! And tonight I’ll do some riding on the trainer or rollers. Have any say on which I should use? I could go either way. Rollers pros: end up with an average wattage (!), fan in face, feel like I’m really moving, more resistance. Trainer pros: I can watch a movie while doing it, I can lax out, less worry about stability, I can watch a movie while doing it (haha). Alright, time to get moving.

See ya-


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So hey In w/ the new, out w/ the old.

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