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I’m very sorry it has taken so long for me to write a real entry! I haven’t even been checking the number of times the page has been read in days! Haha. I can imagine that sounds odd. Anyway…

So lately I’ve been working on being very busy, and succeeding! I can simply add up the hours I spend in my ‘lair’ (aka my bedroom): I used to spend a good 4 hours a day in here, doing whatever I needed to do. Now, it’s something like 2 (other than sleeping, of course!). And the time I spend in the room has gotten much more productive (even more than before is better to say.) For example, I got home from working at robotics this evening, and after eating dinner and watching a little television, I went up to the ‘lair’ and got right down to business: first I reorganized the room and reinstalled my window fan, then I moved my computer monitor over to on top of my printer, and started riding on my rollers, while watching a movie. I’ve been riding on the rollers a bit, but never has it been more than ten miles max. Today, since I installed the fan, it was much easier to ride longer, and the monitor allowed me to watch video while riding, and since it was directly in front of me, I didn’t lose my place even once! All told, today I rode 18 miles in my room. Now, it is pretty standard that miles aren’t taken into account when you don’t move at all. In that case, I should say I rode for about an hour or a little less.

Okay, back to the topic of this paragraph: my room-work. I got up to my room at about 8 last night, and I was just so incredibly work-oriented that I decided to pull my electric guitar out and attempt to absolutely complete it! The electric guitar I’m talking about is my Westfalia guitar, aka my ‘Doug-made’ guitar. It has been assembled very very slowly (years) and my friend Steve has been more motivated in seeing it complete than I have lately. A few months prior to my accident (or perhaps weeks, I really don’t remember!) I finally got around to putting the finish on the guitar, and lacquered it. It has looked like a guitar for over a year, I can say that. At any rate, the only thing it required was a retainer for the strings, so that they stayed in place on the nut. I received it yesterday, and thus decided not to wait. After a shotty-but-adequate job of installing it, I strung the low-E string up. What did I discover? My work is absolutely not done. The intonation and such is most likely accurate, but The action is absolutely outrageous. For you non-guitarists out there, action is the amount of distance from the fretboard to the string. In my case, the action of the string at the 22nd fret is roughtly an inch. It should be only about half a centimeter! And there you go for my amazing mixup between metric and standard units… If you know how much a double-expanding truss rod adjusts for in normal circumstances, could you help me out?

I wanna just put a shout-out of good wishes to team 2234, Episcopal Academy’s robotics team! I am not superstitious, but under these circumstances I am actually crossing my fingers that the team will have all their goals and hopes succeed. Tuesday is the day that their robot gets shipped, and stored in a holding warehouse until their first competition, the Chesapeake Regional. It marks the last day of ‘build season, a six-week time-frame. Tomorrow is the very last day I’ll see Lenny (the robot) until the weekend of competition! ::crossing fingers::

Alright, I think I’m gonna change out of this cycling attire, finally. If you’re not riding, a chamois is only comfortable for about a half hour before it gets annoying. I have exceeded that half hour. Talk to you when I do!


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Happy Valentines Day! It’s wonderful to be so tired!

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