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My mind right now is doing backflips, frontflips, and heck, even 720s… Right now I’m just listening to music on my computer with my new(er) headphones on. I really do think that headphones, although they hardly make a party, are much more accurate than speakers can be. And, they’re cheaper! Anyway, back to what I was talking about, or beginning to, that is~ So these headphones are reviewed as some absolutely wonderful headphones. I’ve been trying for weeks now to see what the heck they meant by those reviews… I personally thought they were just kinda mellow, and quite uncomfortable. However, I have since found out that the comfort isn’t really an issue when you get enveloped by the sound that comes from the cans. I finally got to the point of not analyzing the sound, but in that regard, analyzing the actual composition and recording quality of the music! Hmm, I wonder why I’d do such a thing! Nah, I’m just humoring myself when I say that. For those who either forget or never really knew, from middle school until the end of high school, I was a vocalist/musician for a couple bands. And by a couple, I mean that my friend Adam and I made up the skeleton of them. However, I’m straying from the point of what I was getting at. Adam and I wrote a few albums together. As the unashamed-nerds that we were, we didn’t just perform them on the street, or simply record them with a tape player.. We went the whole nine yards with them. I mean, we spent about 14 or so hours in a recording studio recording one of them, ‘Time’. Ironically, the title had alot to do with the fact that we recorded it in a studio… the time we spent recording it was limited, and as such, it was always on our minds. Fast forward a year or two, and we had the ability to record our next album, ‘After The Back Room’ in the comfort of our own studio. Along with a little help from Adam’s family, we built the thing up from the ground, in his basement. I’m talking about the whole fandangle; soundstop material in the walls to isolate sound, XLR and mono plugs in the walls, a mixing/control room (complete with reference monitor speakers and 16-track digital recording board), even a condensor microphone for recording vocals. I am looking back on all the hours we spent tooling around in the studio, (literally hundreds of hours there) and I think of it all as great times. We had our issues, surely, but the learning experience of it all set a standard for alot of the success I have had in the rest of my doings. It most likely does not seem so. However, having performed in front of a good number of people, had the ability to ‘call the shots’ on recordings, written songs which have lasted much longer than the actual length of the audio; all of it made me have faith and desire to keep working toward that seemingly unattainable goal… the goal that constantly changes but is molded by one’s desire. Right at the moment I finished that last sentence, the last song of my 3-cd jumble of FiveTwoNine songs completed. Very appropriately, the last one to go was ‘Fading Fast’. I love this one. It happens to be about following a dream.

These headphones -and perhaps music enjoyment in general- really only stand out when you experience something new with them. The new thing about having listening to all our old music is that all the hidden notes popped out of the woodwork. The headphones are so good that they actually made me feel like I was back in the studio’s isolation booth, recording the vocal tracks (since I did a good amount of vocals) in real time. The notes and sounds are sooo vivid. -On to a random note: If you prefer open, resonant tones and mixing, get hold of Adam or I and we’ll be able to get you exactly what you want. I can’t believe how much space was left in each track on each album. Now, I like that style. Most professional mixers/technicians do not.

Now, we didn’t actually attempt to make money off our albums. We just tried to reimburse ourselves, very poorly! I think the ‘copyright’ of the material is expired… Ask me and I’ll be more than happy to give you a look into my early years by sending some pieces of music. The only thing you’ll have to do in return is make me find inspiration in playing again, k?



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It’s wonderful to be so tired! Here’s a good one for ya…

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