It’s wonderful to be so tired!

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So I’m getting back into the whole blogging thing… Perhaps it’s because my amount of busy things has gone down a notch. At any rate, I figure I can tell you all what’s going on in my life, lately.

Hmm, so what’s going on… I suppose I can start by expanding on the title of this entry? So yeah, my legs are quite tired. Today, I did alot of riding, and with this weather, who wouldn’t? I didn’t have to use my balaclava, and I bet I coulda gotten away with much less beefy gloves! All that warmth meant more wetness, too. After riding, I had a whole layer of crud on my skin and clothing, not to mention the bike itself. Getting wet is perfectly acceptable though, when there’s nothing else to complain about! After waking up at the perfect time (right at the point that I’d had all the sleep I needed), I decided it was a good day to get my legs to working. And when I arrived at my door after riding, I felt the same way. And that was after having rode 56 miles! My goal was to do anything over 40. I succeeded! Did a lot of hills, I must say. I hoped to be able to show you my route, but motionbased was finicky. I do hope I can get the ride to show up. It allows you to see my route, and maybe more. I can however tell you without any analysis required: at one point I rode up (and back down) a hill that was a 21% grade, the Schyullkill River Trail does not get plowed, and nearly bonking twice in a ride is possible! All in the fun of the day.

Another fun fact: tonight I saw the new movie, ‘Music and Lyrics’, and it wasn’t bad at all! It made the act of writing songs seem easy! At least for me, it never was :that: easy.

So what does anyone think about me doing my incredible cross-country ride this coming summer? I’ve been throwing the idea around in my head and with a few friends. Bottom line is that it seems like if it weren’t this summer, it wouldn’t be for a few years, most likely not ’till after college. That’s just crazy. Now, there are many downsides to the whole ‘this summer’ concept. Money, planning, aid… They all take time to figure out. If anyone has suggestions, please do so!

And since this is kindof a cycling post, I figure I’ll just remind all of you again: let me know if you’d like to ride with me! Today was the first time I got a chance to ride with some Drexel Cycling riders since my first days back on the bike… It’s a real shame that I didn’t have energy to keep going with them (I would have exceeded 50 miles once I finished with their ride, and that would be before heading home!). Today’s ride proved that I am not inaccessible. I have no problem riding 36 miles just to arrive at a meetup point.

Alright, time to sleep a little. That is, of course, after I take a shower and clean up my room…



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Howdy Future’s coming, I’m quickly running out of time

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