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Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 10:18 am 1 comment


As I had said, I make one of the purposes of this post to be ‘showing off’ my stats of the event yesterday. Now, although they may be good-looking at parts, I should mention that they are flawed. I have recently had problems with Motionbased’s system, and how they figure out your speed. Don’t ask me how they do it, but theirs are slightly off-kilter. For my benefit, I try to believe these stats are as accurate as they could be… That’s because my speed was high for the majority of the ride. And it was high, around 20 mph or so, but I am still confused by the outlier, 12mph. It just doesn’t make sense. And it doesn’t seem like it was on an extreme hill… Especially since there weren’t any. Oh, and lastly, my heartrate did NOT exceed 100% of my maximum, as it implies. I kept it right where I wanted it, kinda. For alot of the ‘race’, I kept it around 82, I remember. Which is still a little too high. But I didn’t do anything really wrong, I guess. Alright, without further ado, Motionbased Rutgers ITT Stats. A cool feature which I rave and holler about is the ‘player’ in the top right area of the screen . If you see it, click on it. It breaks all the data down into a map view, allowing you to see that, say, at mile 2, my speed was 675 mph, and I was at such a road. : )

So how :was: the race? It was okay. I actually did get passed by the guy who started 20 seconds behind me. He was riding well, and he was nice, too. You wouldn’t expect a rider to even acknowledge you on the course, a place where ‘drafting’ is strictly prohibited. When he passed, though, he said, “Good work”. Kudos. If I put a little more effort into analyzing my numbers, I could tell you exactly how much time it took me to do the course. But that hardly matters. I will most likely find out how I placed at the end of today, because they weren’t able to post them until at today’s race, which I am not at. Back to the thoughts about the race… By alot of people’s opinions, I did alot of stuff yesterday. I kinda felt otherwise… They all said to me, “Doug, it’s amazing that you got back on the bike and are even racing.” Okay, not everyone, but point is, I had a few people say that to me. See I, on the other hand, came home from the event pretty down. After all, the only thing I really did yesterday was ride about ten miles. 3 in the Time Trial, 7 with a few members of the team. I was right there, in the midst of bikes and people who love to ride, and I did less riding than I would have done by myself. And I also had a really hard time dealing with the fact that I was supposed to be out there, actually racing in the Criterium. I think I said this to Joe: “I don’t go to races to talk and hang out with people; I go to races to race.” And in my eyes, I did not race.

Which leads me to the last thing I will talk about in this entry. So, I really wanna be out there racing. It always gave me a purpose, and was more effective at numbing strong emotions than just riding. You get that way when you’re incredibly tired and still have ten miles to go. See, I’m still at the point of trying to figure this actual issue out: Should I race before my 1-year anniversary of the injury. I’m still a little hazy about it. Thing is, when I go to ask people their opinions about it, (because they matter.) the answers are very mixed. I didn’t even ask some people about it yesterday, and it came up. I got myself all giddy about the concept, and the moment I spoke to another person (after the initial one), he said it was absolutely not the thing to do. Speaking like a typical therapist, he basically said that if he said it was a good idea and I were to crash, he’d be sued. It wasn’t his opinion of racing that got me pissed off, it was his lack of confidence (in me and otherwise). I’ve seen a good amount of that this past year.


Getting ready for the time trialWarming upWaiting to rideAt the start line…Passing the start line


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  • 1. Toby  |  Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    Hey Joe, can you check your messages on this blog and call me please. I left this message too to make sure you get an email. My number (again) is 626.840.8711.



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