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Hey all-

So today’s one of those ‘off days’. I don’t really know what there is to write about, but I know you all wanna have something to read. So I shall supply you with whatever I have.

Lately, I’ve been goofing around, and I got down to the point with some stuff on my computer. What does this mean? I finally got around to installing and running Virtual PC on my G5. Kinda funny, it was pretty useful a month or two ago, now it’s just more or less a gimick… But, it’s amazing having two operating systems on your computer! I have yet to ‘shut down’ XP on here. I can run windows and mac at the same time, and there are no problems with it. Just incredible.
My screen.

Alright, so here’s more scoop: Doug will be doing a bit of a criterium this Sunday. I let Joe know that I plan on racing in the E-category criterium race at our race this weekend, tonight. I’m starting off slow. I know I need to test myself out, and there’s no better a place to do that than the E (Introductory) race. I’ve said it before to a few people, it’s quite interesting, where the race is being held: Memorial Hall~ Memorial Hall Criterium was the very first race I raced in. Once again, Memorial Hall will be the location of a different ‘first race’ of mine. I’m throwing all my cards into the wind, here. I am dying for something interesting, and doing a race will definitely help me out with that. I’ll be at the Philly Phlyer bike races all weekend, if you wanna see what I’m up to! The website for the races is Link. Following the procedure I had last week, I am sure I will post some type of race follow-up report on here.

I’m not sure of what else to fill you in on… Things are pretty low-key here. And, I’m quite tired! That being said, I’ll get going for now. Have a good one!


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As usual, legs are… tired. A quick update about the weekend

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