Chesapeake Robotics Regional Competition!

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Hey all-

Last night I got home from Maryland and was just too tired to fathom writing a post. But now, It’s early and it’s a perfect time to fill you in! So, you know how I mentor a robotics team? Well, EA’s team 2234, with their robot, Lenny, placed 17th in the rankings before the elimination matches! Before the last day of competition, on Friday, they secured a strong 8th place standing, but it was pushed away yesterday when they lost their last match. That was neither here nor there once they were picked to move on to the elimination matches! The 6th place alliance, headed by my old team, 341, kept our momentum moving. For their second pick (each alliance has three partners), we were asked to join. After struggling hard to be able to pass the inspection you must go thru before playing in the playoffs, we had a good run. All the way thru the quarterfinals, we skirted by and won the matches. Despite 2234’s power cable connector having dislodged, during the first round, too! We moved on to the semifinals, where things were a bit harder. Just two rounds there and we were eliminated. : ( . But it didn’t end there!

After the elimination matches completed, the next event at the competition is the awards ceremony. We all made sure to sit together in the stands (on stairs as it turned out for part of the time!). Up came the award many of the members of the team were really gunning for: Rookie All-Star Award. It is an award that recognises a team that has shown itself to have a strong start, and is on it’s way toward even better things. Well, you guessed it, we took that award! After collecting the trophy on the field, we attempted to make it back to the stands… but were told to collect another trophy right then… The highest rookie seed award! We placed higher in the standings than any other rookie team that competed, which means we did better than the 3 other rookies. Not too bad at all!

What does all this mean? Well, it means that the team has come to see the rewards there are for playing it smooth during build season, and before competition. All through build season, the team grew stronger and paid attention to every detail of the competition before getting to a regional. Now that they’ve won rookie all-star award, we are given the go-ahead to compete in the Championship Event, in Atlanta Georgia! This is what every student on the team was hoping for! I must say I always pushed that concept off to the side… Team 341 never wondered if we’d make it to Nationals, we always either got one of the random spots so early on in the season, or won an award the previous year which allowed us to go. Go figure, 2234 snatches it up so well!

In the pit

Okay, I really should have more images than that! But, most of the time I was quite busy… Pretty soon I’ll probably get around to putting a video clip of their quarterfinals on youtube, so that will be pretty interesting. If all this robotics stuff confuses you, please ask questions, I do my best to help others learn about it~



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