Hoping this actually gets posted…

Friday, March 30, 2007 at 9:08 pm Leave a comment

Hey all-

I have been having the same problem I had with the last post continue to haunt me. Today, I think it has disappeared. But that’s still doubtful. As such, I have titled this post in such a way that I know it could go either way.

At any rate, I will get on with the update. So today has been a pretty standard day. However, I think a standard day does need some explanation. So, I woke up later than I was supposed to. I always set two alarms so that I wake up at 6:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and it usually works for me. This morning was an exception. I was just so exhausted that I woke up for a whole minute and then passed out again. Once or twice. At any rate, I was a few min late to work. At work, I got to my usual duty of dicing. And trying not to fall asleep! I succeeded, which was awesome. Thanks to some red bull… In the afternoon I started planning how I would be modifying a cabinet door to allow it to close properly. Now, all that’s left to do is all the work! haha. Then, I worked on setting up a new part order, for a reputable company. Dicing it was soo slow… it was 3mm thick! That’s a whole 2.5mm thicker than I commonly work with. A whole 45 minutes and I eventually had to stop it before it finished. The average part that I dice takes ten minutes or less. Following work, I came home and just mulled around. More importantly, I planned for tomorrow. It should be full of exciting things:

7:00 am: Get picked up by Bruce for travel to Kirkwood, PA.

9:00 am: Begin registration/Warm up.

10:20 am: Line up for the race 21 miles remaining!

11:15 am?: Finish line sprint. After cooldown: pack up and head back home!

12:51 or 1:51pm: Board train headed for Drexel

Following arrival: Philadelphia Regional Robotics Competition [Elimination Rounds!]

5:00 pm: Help 341/357 or somebody else pack up!

~6:00pm: Meet Kristen/Grab dinner/walk to the Rotunda

7:00pm: Philly Ska show!

And then eventually head home… I look forward to being busy tomorrow, and even more so, incredibly tired! After a race some people just go and sleep. Me? Nah. Upon completion of the race, I will have ridden 141 miles this week. Talk about training.

I know this post isn’t the most detailed. I’m just really tired. And I still need to pick up some stuff from the grocery store… That being said, I should really get going. Bottom line: I’m really excited about tomorrow, and really worried too. How it will all play out, I am clueless. I hope I haven’t led people on to expect too much.


PS: As is routine, I will make an effort to post stats of the race on here tomorrow or the next day!


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Happy Birthday, Mom! This was supposed to not work!

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