This was supposed to not work!

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Of course, right when I give up on wordpress (for a little) it starts working for me! Hell, this one might not work either. I do hope it does. We’ll see.

Alright, so yesterday morning I tried to publish a new entry, spent 40 minutes writing it, and then what happens? It disappeared and the text is gone forever. So I will not try to recreate it. I will give you all a smaller version, because it’s not as clear in my mind now! Well, it is, but not as fresh.

First is first, the stats from the race: Kirkwood Road Race stats Now, I think you can view that info. I’ve had some people say they tried and failed. I have no idea what that’s about. The race went pretty well, but not as well as I had thought it would. I’ll keep it short: In the second lap, I thought I had the energy to either break away or just lead for a little, maybe even weed out some riders. And hey, maybe I did? After leading the pack up the largest hill in the course, I didn’t have nearly enough energy to keep up that pace, and I ended up being spat out the back of the pack. Oh well, dumb choice, for sure. Results You can find my name in the Cat 5 Race, I think it was called R1 or something. Race one, I suppose.

Next, I made my way to Drexel to just catch the last glimpse of the robotics competition that my former robotics team was competing at. AND WON! Yeah, they kinda took home the big ‘trophy’ with that. In addition, the judges at that competition really must have thought they deserved to win Chairman’s award, because they were also given the Engineering Inspiration award. I have always looked at that award as the ‘second place’ to Chairman’s award. I am wrong, thankfully! Team 341, Wissahickon High School/Miss Daisy did not even enter the chairman’s award competition there. I came home with two medals, without even having helped the team out whatsoever at the competition. They really wanted me to have them, and that makes me feel special. winner of Philly Regional!

Lastly, I met up with Kristin for dinner and then we went out to see a ska concert at the Rotunda. I had a blast. She even managed to somehow get me to try something new: Vietnamese food. Ironically the restaurant we went to was probably 5 blocks from where my old apartment was! It sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t. Anyway, after spending over an hour and a half there, we figured it was a good idea to finally check the show out. When we got there, found it was pretty full of people (it being a free show), and that was great. There were about 4 different acts that night, and it’s crazy how different each one was. My favorite was when one band played ‘Rivers of Babylon’. I sang along to all the words, considering it was one of my old band’s most-played songs! After the show, I said goodnight to Kristin, and then proceeded to have read my train schedule incorrectly…. SkaPhilly

In some ways the events of the past weekend were a glimpse of how things can possibly change. Things must change. In the last post that I attempted (but failed) to make, I ended it by saying that the status quo will persist. And it’s almost correct. But, I have to continue moving forward and not just sit around like a brain-injured person at his computer… Which I’m working on. I can’t wait till Nationals!



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Hoping this actually gets posted… Late friday night posting…

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