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Hey all-

How’s everything going? Going well for me, I do think. I had a good day, and I hope you did too.

Hmm, what to breach upon in this issue of Dougtales… hmmm… It does seem like there’s a whole bunch of things to talk about, and yet I think telling you them all would be very boring.

We’re going to rewind time this issue. I will start with today, and crawl backwards a bit. Hopefully it will be as confusing as it seems!

Okay, today: Today was quite a low-key day. Enjoyable, as such! I spent the day at Brandon and Janice’s apartment, with some relatives and the rest of the immediate family. Great food, great company, and great lounging! Typically on Sundays I’ve been at the bike shop fixing/building/selling bikes. (about that, I will revisit later) In the morn, I actually went to church with my dad! It was the first time in a few months, and it felt that way, too. It’s interesting seeing people I have seen at the exact same spot and yet never talked to in person for ten years. Both my Dad and I celebrated when we heard the well wishes spoken by the speaker (who happened to be my mom today)… Today was the first time either of us had not heard my name called as someone to pray for since my accident! Now, I do believe the person requesting that was my mom, but clearly I don’t need people praying for me anymore. I can do things all by myself! Oh and I did also get a kick out of how the pastor, Brewster, made a reference (or analogy) to waking from a coma at one point of his sermon. Despite him having both spoken with me and received countless updates on my condition, he still spoke about the process as the majority of the population imagines it! I’m telling you, and you already know: waking up from a coma is a very slow process!! Not super-fast… There, you have heard rant/joke number one.

So, there was day one of my postpedition. Yesterday is another day that I think requires some description, so here goes. Following with the backwards theme that I’m good with, I fell asleep last night at 2 am, after talking to people online and watching a dvd to fall asleep to. I love doing that. I guess I enjoy hearing things when I sleep? At any rate, it is quite funny that not only was I talking to some people I never actually see, I was also talking to Kristin, who I had spent the whole day with. Haha. I think the competitive spirit still shines through a little with me, I swear. At any rate, I did indeed spend the day hanging out with Kristin, who I mentioned in one of my earlier entries as well. I am beginning to develop a routine of every week hanging with her. Back to the point: we hung out on campus a little, I dragged her to Renee’s to pick up some RAM, walked around Phila, and went to the art museum for a bit. I really hadn’t expected that I would spend a whole 12 hours with her, but I’d say that was pretty cool. I continue to do something new each time I do something with her… Yesterday’s new thing was getting an exhibit tour… I must say, I think an imagination is more enjoyable than truth, for art. I loved the artist’s work, especially Chimes’ skill for manipulating aluminum, though. Of course I would. One last thing: I was gonna post a pic on here of Kristin, but it turns out I had some probs. It will happen! I now need to take an embarassing enough pic! Yeah Kristin, you heard me!

Right before I left for Phila, I spent 45 min with my dad and got the Photo ID that I have been needing for a few months now. Yeah, identification is :kinda: important, no? I will be taking an airplane to Atlanta, GA on thursday evening, so there is no way around not having it at this point in time. I spent like 4 days stressing about how I didn’t think I would be able to find enough means of proof of my existence to the DMV, and then what happens? They shrugged it off, and I without even one question, they threw an ID card at me, no problem! They actually had my prior ID information in the computer, which is what I didn’t expect them to have considering I was dealing with a gov’t agency… But I got it! I didn’t even have to get my picture taken for it… That is odd…. I have a new ID card, with a 3-4 year old photo of myself on it… Complete with the long hair and all! They thought it wasn’t a big deal, so I won’t freak out just yet. It will act as a reminder, just as so many other things I have recently acquired do.

Alright, moving back… hehe. I was lucky enough to have Friday off of work, and I think I really DIDN’T enjoy how I spent that time: doing nothing! I mulled around in my lair and worked on my bike a bit, which surely was useful, but hey, I didn’t ride at all that day! I pretty much always ride!! Moving further backward, on Thurs I had class, rode a little, met with Cait, and had an EA robotics meeting. Packed day, I suppose? I had a good day, too.

Weds is as far as I will traverse backward for this issue. I just don’t recall events prior to then being particularly amazing, ya know? On weds, I received my Neuvation wheelset (which I dub my Training wheelset)! I think it looks awesome, and my only two complaints about them so far is that the freewheel is too quiet, and there aren’t so few spokes that I can stick my arm through the wheel! Had you seen my room, you would know what I’m talking about. However, here is a picture for your pleasure… Neuvation R38 SL3sBasically, the way the bike is hanging, I have really loved the ability to access the printer with my Rolf wheels. Now, I have to be all precise with my hand going through the spokes. Grr. hehe. The rolfs will soon have their own spot on my wall and get used on the fun rides, still. I love them too much to destroy them, I tell you. I still have yet to test-ride the Neuvations!

Alright, I have traversed far enough backward in time. Oh darn, I realize that I still should mention Tuesday! Other than it being an amazingly warm day, I worked on my shop tools over at the Dannenbergs’ house, and spent a good period of time helping fix an LED indicator in a 4WD van. I had fun, and got very little work done, for my own benefit. But fun isn’t all that matters!

Now… I’m really done. I think the next entry I do will be factual and not historical, okay? Yell at me if that is not the case. Really!

Have a great day!



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