‘Do You Have What It Takes?’ – I do!

Thursday, May 3, 2007 at 11:30 am Leave a comment

Hey all-

So there are real reasons why I haven’t updated in a little bit, I promise you~ Lately, I’ve been working away at my computer for hours and hours, and yet haven’t updated Dougtales??! What’s up with that?!

About a week ago, my friend Steve sent me a link to a Discovery HD Theater channel website. Almost hesitantly, I clicked on it. (I have been sent to some wacky websites in my day… Luckily this one was not one of them!) The link was this. After reading everything I could read about it, I realized that it would be a perfect thing to enter into. So I am trying it!

The scoop: Discovery Channel has another channel formatted and aired just for HD. That channel is called Discovery HD Theater. Seeing as they have the third-best cycling team on the UCI Pro Tour, you can imagine they are proud and want to share the love a little. The idea behind the show that they will be airing (and I’m trying to become a star in) is that two cycling enthusiasts will meet the Discovery Channel team and it’s staff, train for a little, and then go over to France to ride a few stages of the Tour de France (hehe not race though, I wish I were pro…). I loove the idea and I of course don’t want to pass up the opportunity. And then, alot of people who know my story (maybe you too?) think I should really be chosen for this, since all that has happened. I am kinda amazed at how many people have really high hopes about this. I am sorry if I haven’t told you about it already; I have so many friends and family members that it’s difficult to know who I’ve told and haven’t!

I’ve been working on the video for almost a week now, and it is very close to being finished. I have a bit more time left on the video than I originally thought, so I think it’s a good idea to propose a favor. If you think I ‘Have what it takes’, let me and the producers of the Discovery show know! If you think I should be selected and you would like to, send me a short video clip of yourself (and others if you’d like) saying, “Doug has what it takes!” ! Just shoot me a message to let me know what you’d like to do! I appreciate all that all of you (friends, family, on-lookers) have done for me in my recovery. Being chosen for this would be an absolutely amazing way to end a tough year.

After I finish and submit the video, I will absolutely put it up on this site. I am very proud of it.



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A funny email I received… The Video Submission!

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