A return to normalcy

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Hey all-

So this past week or so has been really great. I can say that now, of course, since hindsight is so helpful. Essentially, it has been a journey back in time, but a helpful journey. And a little bit in the future, too.

Yeah, I mentioned in the last two posts that I’d been doing a lot of working on the computer… And I did. I am very proud of the video I made, and I love how it has taken me a while to realize the tiny flaws in it. Not that it matters, but I really could have adjusted the volume of the music a bit more when there were other bits of audio happening. Working on the video has brought me to understand some of the amazing things about my computer, but more importantly, makes me realize how awesome my uncle was, whose computer it used to be. It has made me think about all that has happened this year, too. But anyways… I hope the best. I know that even with those 3 minutes of fun that was the video, I opened up even more opportunities for myself to be scrutinized! I can’t wait to find out how much scrutinization gets done!

Hmm, so I said that it has been a journey.. I wonder just how much detail I should go into here. Hmm. Well, to be quite upfront about it, the reason I decided to write a post was due to a friend of mine having gotten all bent out of shape about my seeing her. My having disappeared from contact with a bunch of people hasn’t made it easy to predict how things will go.. I haven’t settled with the fact that some people I haven’t spoken to in some time :still: are unsure of what to say to me, or how to act! It just takes some time to regenerate trust, I think. Same goes for another friend of mine; he and I finally got some in-person dialogue in the other night, and it really helped things out. However, not so much on his side, but definitely mine. Once again, I have been a bit of a jerk to some of you. I apologise.

On Sunday, I helped out the robotics team (EA – 2234) at the PA Robotics Challenge offseason competition. It was such a step back, to once again be helping a team out at that competition. If all was correct, that was the fifth or sixth time I went to the event! Alot of memories in those halls and on that gym floor. I still am a bit surprised that the attendance has gone down. The results? 2234 had a fun day. At the end of the elimination rounds, we finished in 8th place, out of 25 teams! We had entirely not expected to finish that high, and as such we were taken aback when it came time to plan out who we would choose to be alliance partners for the quarterfinals. In the end, we picked two awesome teams. Team 272, and Team 1218. Both from the Philadelphia area, no less. We played some tough matches, but didn’t make it past the quarterfinal rounds, against the number-one seeded team and its partners. It made a great end to the season, and I am sure the three students who attended had a blast!

Hmm, I do think I should be getting to sleep, now. I have work in the morning, and a robotics meeting after! Long day, on 5.5 hrs sleep!

Alright, have a good one everyone!


ADDITION: I had gotten sidetracked when writing this post. Last thing that I must say is that there actually is some unfortunate news. For all you robotics people out there: NASA’s Mike Wade passed away a day or two ago. He was an amazing man, always helping out wherever possible with FIRST robotics competitions. Each yeah, he would let Team 341 borrow his version of the previous year’s field, to be played on at Ramp Riot. I, as well as many others, are a little unsure of what it will be like without him. RIP, Mike.


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The Video Submission! Ride of Silence

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