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How’s everyone doing? I’m doing good, the last few days or so have all been quite productive. I think they could have been even more so, but then, I also have been more tired than usual~! I need to begin making rice more often.

Anyways, back to the last few days… I first should tell you all about the Ride of Silence, right? Well, first, here’s a picture (however low-res it is)! Ride of Silence meetup So, the ride was cut short due to the rain/storm that was going on. It was planned to go for 7 miles, but ended up being more like two or less. However, I got my bout of thoughts in while we rode silently down the parkway. I really did feel some emotion. I’m sure that could be expected, given my situation. I didn’t once mention events of this past year- I just let things happen as they were. It was enjoyable to not need to say a word (that is, while I could) about why I was there.

Alright, what’s next… On Thursday I managed to purchase the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy! That kicks butt. Further proof that I’m a nerd! And I’m not ashamed to be one, often~ On Friday, I actually kept up with the ‘movies’ theme, and hung out with some members of the robotics team and saw ‘Georgia Rule’. I dunno, it could have been the friends I was with, or it was :actually: a decent movie! I didn’t walk out thinking it had been a waste of time. I really did have a good time. Yeah, I’m a lucky charm. (inside joke)

Yesterday, I spent the day doing more robotics-y stuff! Helped out at the Franklin Institute with the team, demonstrating for their Tech Fair (more like robotics fair). It was really cool to be in a low-stress environment with the 2 (two!) teams that I care so much about, my old one (team 341) and my new one (team 2234). And yeah, Lansdale Catholic was there as well. And a bomb-defusing robot, and an autonomous robot, and a destructive (robot wars or the like) robot! After that, I stayed with the team, and we all went to Ridley Creek State Park for our end-of-the-year party/picnic. That was alot of fun. Played some frisbee and with some fire… Taught how to make chainmail, too. I will feel like something is missing, not having competitions or building with the team to do!

Okay, wrapping this up… Today I went with the family to Ithaca, NY. My cousin Andy graduated from Ithaca College today! It was great seeing him and meeting other people. I am sure he’ll go on to some exciting things in the future. Hopefully, I will too. When I think about today, I keep being brought back to the having shown my video on youtube to various family members. It wasn’t just family members though… Eventually people began to wonder what was going on, and so they started watching as well. What really stands out is that all of them really liked my video! I am just so happy that it does such a good job at whatever it does. Yeah, all of those viewers hoped I get chosen. Which brings me to the last thing I’ll mention: I still haven’t heard from Discovery HD channel. It makes me nervous. I hope I hear back really soon. I am going to just stop caring after this week. I have spent so much time grinding my teeth about it. It shall soon be over, I say.

Alright, I’m gonna go. I should like actually do some sleeping tonight! It would make tomorrow morning at work that much easier… Well, have a good one!



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Ride of Silence Tomorrow – most likely…

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