Another one of those race reports…

Monday, May 28, 2007 at 8:52 am Leave a comment

Hey all-

Since I’ve been asked a few times, I should just get it over with and post about it on here~ Yeah, the Hellertown Criterium went pretty well. To pique your interest/help you understand, here’s a screeenshot of the stats:
Motionbased screenshot
So how did it go? I feel that it actually went really well for me. Basically, I rode a good race (I swear!). I knew what I had to do the entire time, and always paid attention to position. As one would hope, I spent about 15 of the laps (of 20) near the front, just watching what was going on, and planning the next step. Now, that’s not to say that it was all peaches and cream… At the final sprint, I just didn’t have it in me! It’s sad, I know. Once again, I was unable to get enough strength to really push hard out of the saddle. Help me with my high-intensity training, I beg you! That, along with the simple act of not riding 77 miles 2 days before a race~! I do think that had an affect, but how much, I’m not too sure. The race was slow for most of it, and then finally at the sprint we accellerated to the expected 28-30 mph. Sklarb.

My next race isn’t planned yet, but you better believe it’ll go better. Oh, and my placing: 20th of 37 riders. It just barely meets my ‘demands’ for any typical race: I always pray that I’m in the top 20. I feel like I belong there.

Alright, now you’ve heard it! Oh, and yeah, if you are dying to know more about how the race went, you can surely see my motionbased stats here.

Alright, I am out for now. Got some riding to do today, mixed with hanging with friends and family. 🙂



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Tomorrow – most likely… A full year has passed.

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