This past weekend was awesome!

Monday, June 4, 2007 at 3:48 pm 1 comment

Hey Y’all~

Howdy. I just had to let you know how awesome this past weekend was for me- It was great, diverse, and it ended quite well. Well, that is, if you think a weekend ends at 12:30pm on sundays!

Friday was a lax day, I think. I also don’t recall what I did on Friday, so yeah. I might not have done much at all. If I’m wrong, please tell me.

Saturday during the day I kinda just vegged out and prepared for the evening. What was the plan for the evening? I attended a prom! It is funny, don’t you think? Since I’ve been helping out with a robotics team this past year, I have made a bunch of friends. One friend I met was Jackie, who didn’t really want to get true date for prom. So, she asked me if I’d like to accompany her as a friend to it. And me, being the wacky guy that I am, said yes. Fast forward to this past Saturday, and I was all ready for prom (and yeah, I have been to numerous!). You can see so in this picture.
2234 Represents!
Prom was awesome, really. The others you see in the picture are Teresa, Adam, and Jackie, all members of the team! As such, the prom was just a hangout, really. Yeah, we did dancing, and when we were bored, we felt no shame in just all being a little group, I suppose. I knew nobody there, of course. Jackie introduced me to a number of people, and that was fun. And I really don’t mind dancing anymore… Weird, eh?

For our post-prom party, Teresa, Jackie and I all watched movies. Jurassic Park and Night at The Museum! Good times. I didn’t get any sleep that night, because I knew I wouldn’t wake up in time to get ready for my next event: The Norristown Farm Park Habitat for Humanity Circuit race! Yeah, I don’t stop and take a break when I am on a roll… When I got home, I quick threw on cycling garb, ate a whole 2 fig newtons, did some race-day prep (my race components onto the bike, filled up extra water bottles), and then off I was! My dad gave me a ride to the race, and then cheered me on during it, which I think actually did alot! The race went great. Hard turns, one decent hill, and some fast speeds. I played it right, and stayed at the front (but not IN front) the entire time. Last lap rolled around, and I was surprisingly still able to kick it up a notch… Up the final hill, still held on. Finish line rolled up, and despite not doing an amazingly strong effort, I placed 4th!

That finish was the gift I really really wanted to get, at my one-year anniversary. I’m so glad I got it. Of course, it wouldn’t be like me to not post the stats, right? Here are the stats from the race. I haven’t examined the HR, but I don’t think it was working properly during the race. So don’t think I almost died, k?

Well, that was the gist of my weekend. Yes, the weekend did kinda end at 12:30pm yesterday… Because I passed out on my bed when I got home. It was more unbearable to be so tired after the race than during it, I tell you. I’ll probaby do it again now, since I got away with it…

Hope you had a super weekend as well. Feel free to tell me about yours in the comments!


Oh and after writing this I was able to examine those race stats… My highest heart rate ever recorded was during it! I am quite confident that the HR was indeed accurate, however unbelievable. I managed to work myself to 93%(which is 184 bpm for those of you who use bpm) of my maximum heart rate~ Maybe the race was harder than I thought?

Another update: because I can post links to the race results as proof!


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A full year has passed. [Insert Chemical Formula Here]

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  • 1. Teresa  |  Thursday, June 7, 2007 at 2:34 am

    I can’t believe you did that well in your race after pulling an all nighter. Maybe you should try pulling all nighters before your next few races to see if that helps! By the way- even if a 2234 guy did ignore you at prom- it was a ton of fun, as was post prom!


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