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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 4:58 pm Leave a comment

Today’s entry is more or less a result of having been told (finally!) to update more frequently… So I’m being VERY creative with it… Can’t you tell by the title of it?

It’s really storming today! I love it when the weather is like this; one minute it’s clear and sunny (and not too humid?) and the next it’s completely thundering/lightning~ I’m just waiting for my power to go out, as others’ I know has. If that does happen, this post will once again take longer to get up than expected!

Okay, onto other stuff. So this past weekend was fun. Of course, riding was a big theme of it, as usual~ I did attempt that century, but time cut it short. I did pull 76 miles though. Hilly ones, too. On Sunday, I went to the Philly Pro International Championship race, and that was good. I wish I had been there at the finish! It sounded exciting, that crash and all. For what it’s worth, despite the tragedy of them, when pros crash it’s quite interesting how a race proceeds aferwards.

Monday came too quickly, it very much did. I hardly got any sleep all weekend, which was to my disadvantage when work rolled around. It was a challenge, but I survived, if barely. It is times like that in which bluegrass music/walking home really work! That evening, I took the train and spent time with Teresa, and that was fun. Apparently I watch chick flicks too much… Help convert me~

It’s funny, with blogs. The longer you use them, the more people you know that reads it/has read it. One of the nice things about blogs is that you can’t predict who you’re talking to… And then when you can, it throws everything for a loop. Not a terrible thing though. It would just be nice to have feedback sometimes. I say it such a way, because I have a friend who is doing some marketing for a bike company that is dear to me… So she asked me what I thought would be beneficial. I can ask it in a roundabout way, but nah. What would you like to hear me talk about on here? Hehe I can’t be just like Masiguy. I wish I could. Hey Sarah, I’ll be Masiguy for your company if you wanna throw a SystemSix at me!

I am realizing that either I have changed, or it is just more noticeable now than before… Everyone expects that cycling is what makes me survive! I love cycling, don’t get me wrong. I have alot of other hobbies, but nobody to share them with, I suppose, though. Maybe I should go out and buy some tools that I need this rainy evening? I have a maille shirt to complete, a Warmoth neck to adjust the action on, and a Dual-Suspension pivot bolt to manufacture! So there! And don’t get me started about my own mountain bike. I am close to just throwing it at a bike shop’s service facility to take care of…

I should grab the laptop and sit on the porch, with this weather! It should continue for hours, too. If you see a weird guy on his porch in Abington, that’s me. Or perhaps it’s just another weird guy. But is that weird guy listening to Sheep Go to Heaven (by Cake)?

Alas, reminiscing is awkward. If you know what I’m talking about, then yeah.

Oh, I was meaning to ask everyone: this summer, should I be all smart and prepare and make money and whatnot, or should I take advantage of the fact that it is the last summer I’ll have free for a number of years, and escape to somewhere completely random? Your thoughts would be helpful. If the latter really does happen, It will be in about a month or so. I could go either way, ya know?

Alright, I’ve been as random as necessary for now. Hope you enjoyed my post. The New blog entry!



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I refuse to speculate! Help out if you can! [Late Invitation, I apologise]

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