Another great, however long, weekend.

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Hey all-

So howdy! I am sooo tired. Ya know? I have been doing various things this past weekend, and the last thing I have gotten was sleep… Who needs it, anyway? This post is, once again, in chronological order for your enjoyment!

Friday, I had work in the day at ECI. I’m actually coating, and have yet to really get comfortable with it. Almost there! Afterwards, I quick hopped on the bike, and rode 18 miles into the city, to meet up with Haroon. At his apt, I changed, and got ready for my next event! We headed out in the car, to Ridley Creek State Park, for Teresa’s graduation party, which was alot of fun~ I will continue to be a jerk about it, but Haroon really won’t dance under any circumstance! They had a cover band playing, which totally reminded me of another one of my jobs; more on that shortly. It was fun hanging out with everyone, as always~ Met some cool people, too.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early and went over to the Schyullkill River Trail for the charity ride. That went really well, if I do say so! To be quite honest, we all wish it had more attendance, but it just was so much fun. There were numerous groups of riders, and as I had thought, I was with the ‘speedy’ group. And ya know, I actually was too speedy. Over halfway through the ride, I remembered I had a ride the following day, so I slowed down substantially. I really was tired. I enjoyed hanging out with Blake, Joe, and Chris in our little group. Thanks for coming, you guys! I gave such late notice! I managed to put in 30 miles. After the event, I went home and just kindof relaxed for a short time. Around 7, I got a ride down to Flourtown, for a gig at The Sorella Rose restaurant. I have been doing soundmixing for a cover band, Six Pack. Recently, they decided they would change things up a bit, and switched to simply being a Beatles cover band, which is so cool. I had thought it would be just okay, but it turned out to be really cool. I really love doing sound mixing, because all I have to do is listen to and tinker with music. In addition, I really came to terms with the fact that soundmixing is actually not too hard for me; I always thought it wasn’t something I could do! I don’t plan on stopping doing it anytime soon. After that, I took the train into the city, and went over to my friend Mike’s dorm for the night.

Sunday (today), I woke up on the couch a half hour late for our departure, but it ended up not mattering too much, thankfully. We quickly headed out, and to the Jersey Turnpike, for the Ronde van Mullica Road Race! It was a category 5/category 4 race, with a max rider limit at 75. I am pretty sure we reached that amount in the race. The course was flat, and fast. There were four laps, each of which were 9.5 miles. It was a 37-mile race, more or less. My low-down? I raced very well, the best I have ever done, I feel~ With the course being pretty flat, it was quite a fast race. The average speed my bike computer says was 24mph; the max speed was 38! Once again, that speed is yet to be confirmed by the motionbased stats… What’d I do? I actually raced remarkably well. I paid attention to my muscles and fatigue, and was constantly adjusting how much effort I put into the riding. Even now, I can’t believe it, but I managed to stay at the front of the pack the entire race. I would say 5th position, give or take a few. At the end of lap 3, I decided to be funny and lead the pack, just to make myself feel like I was doing something amazing! As I could expect, my sprinting skills were my downfall. Going into the sprint, I was 3rd position, and at the finish line, I placed 14th! But I know, 14th is still amazing! My first cat 4 race, and I came home with merchandise as a prize! It was awarded to the top 15 places. And, I will have already started my process of upgrading to cat3 (19 more strong finishes to go this season!). Not that I really am making that a huge thing, it’s just humorous. I’m so happy to be showing everyone that if you like something enough, you can come out on top after all. And it is all thanks to you guys, too! I will give all of you the opportunity to see my race stats, as soon as I can!

After the race, I made my way home on the train. When walking back to my house, my mom passed me in the car, heading out to do some riding. So what’d I do? I told her to wait, and that I would join her! We went on over to an area she has been dong alot of riding, and put in about 12 miles. That brought my mileage for today up to 48! Then, I have had some down-time here at home since coming back… Happy Father’s Day, Dad! My brother made the family a great dinner, and I came up here afterward… If it weren’t for this blog, I would be sleeping right now! I am that tired.

Alright, I think I’m going to go for now! Hope you had a great weekend as well!


Update: Click here to view the stats for the race. Upon analysis, I confirmed it: the final sprint to the finish line was 37.7 mph! 6th place finisher, Dan Lavelle, told me his was 40 mph!


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