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Hey all-

I have resorted to random chemical compounds for the titles of posts for a little bit. Hopefully it make you wonder, ‘what the hell is that??!’… Do you know what chlorofluorocarbons are? HINT: CFCs.

And how are things going? They’re going quite well lately. Despite the fact that I continue to deprive myself of sleep (partly because I like to stay busy, partly because of a certain Dougtales reader..), I am pulling through my days pretty well. Hmm, let me see here: I’ve been seeing Teresa a bit, riding a bit (until my muscles decided they didn’t feel like recovering), hanging out with Derek (who’s in town for the weekend!), working, doing some driving sessions, and that kinda covers it. Don’t get me started on the driving nonsense… May I suggest you never have your license taken away because you had a brain injury? I should have my license by now, but I don’t. I am sick of waiting around and being super super careful. And of course, being a careful driver does not mean you’re being safe.

I did mention that Derek is in the area this weekend, but not why… He’s here because of a great fundraiser related to his own situation, of course~ Having been through Non-hodgkins lymphoma, he is working on making more people aware, and toward a cure. Check out this website about tomorrow’s car show! I wish I had the idea to post about this prior to today, I really do. If you find yourself with nothing to do, get on out to it. It should be an awesome time.

My having mentioned not one but two fundraisers in the past week or so reminds me of another blogger! I am hardly on the same level, but I begin to think about it a little… I am talking about BK! She is Bob Roll’s business person, and of course, a cyclist. Point being, she also is always trying to help people out on her blog site. I hope her shameless plugs bring about lots of change, as I hope mine do. If you need help with getting the word out about something, please let me know. I try to be as helpful as possible.

I’m going to get picked up very shortly, so I suppose I should wrap this up. I do wish I could be more interesting, but the lack of sleep and short time makes for a quickie. I also want to do some more photoshopping goodness. Look forward to some images~ Have a good weekend~


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Another great, however long, weekend. High Density Polyethylene!

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