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Hey all-

Today’s random chemistry substance is Polyacrylonitrile! PAN, for short… It is the compound that goes through a complex process to make carbon fibres. I did a whole project on it in Physics in high school. Fun stuff! If anyone can explain why there is (or was?) a shortage of carbon fibre, please explain it to me!

The purpose of this post is to continue with the last post, the things I had left out. Honestly, one of them I had forgotten to write, the other I just needed some more time to figure out what to say for. Anyways, here they are.

Some of you may have talked to me lately, and perhaps heard me mention Teresa once or twice? I did mention her in a recent post. I wasn’t entirely sure at that time, but I now am confident to tell you what it’s all about. So this past winter/spring, I mentored a robotics team at Episcopal Academy, remember? One of the members of the team was Teresa! She’s graduated EA, and is headed off to MIT this fall. It took a good bit of time to realize we both had attractions to one another, but once we came to terms we started dating a bit, and yeah, we decided to call it a relationship pretty recently~ So yeah, we’re both happy about it!

And the other thing I meant to mention: Tomorrow will be my last day at Evaporated Coatings Inc. Basically, I want to get my stuff together before I head back to classes, and also do think I need to relax a bit more. I intend to actually travel somewhere in the near future. I am (still) up for suggestions! If anyone out there has a 54cm touring bicycle and would allow me to borrow it for a trip, you’d rock my world. I’ll think of something. I do know for sure that I will also be up for a good bit of landscaping this season. If you find yourself in need of aid in that department, contact me!

So there they are… I should keep adding to this post, but I should also really get to sleep! I have a race in two days! Have a good one.



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High Density Polyethylene! Brownstown Road Race report

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