Brownstown Road Race report

Saturday, June 30, 2007 at 11:08 pm 2 comments

Hey all-

So today’s race was pretty interesting. You know how I said it could go either way? Well, it went off into another direction entirely, unfortunately.

The course was mildly rolling hills, and as long as you stayed with the field, you had no problem at all with it. Average speed for my cat 4 race was 25 miles an hour. The course had a yellow-line rule, and with 60 riders, that made it quite packed. But, I managed to find my place in the field pretty well. I stayed in the front half for pretty much all 5 laps, and was very comfortable with how I was riding. I didn’t think it would be this way, but it ended up that I really had no problems at all. Had I not had the ‘incident’, I think I’d have placed tenth! I’m pretty confident about that, too.

What was the ‘incident’? You guessed it, I crashed. At 150 meters to go, another rider turned a little too sharply, and I took all the brunt of his mistake. His rear wheel tapped my front wheel, and next thing I knew, I was sliding a good 6 feet, all on my left side. I was calm during the crash as it happened. I have been through plenty as it was. I stayed still until after everyone had passed me already, so that I didn’t get run over or anything. Didn’t have much trouble getting up, and so I said some words to the other rider who went down (he was behind me), and then finished my race, with the Madone on my shoulder. Her damage: horribly out-of-true front wheel, and a completely blown right shift/brake lever. Oh, and I cracked another helmet… It could have been alot worse! My damage: road rash all over my left side… random scrapes on knee, knuckle, and wrist, along with significant road rash on hip and elbow. I had it cleaned up and checked out by the EMTs and they weren’t too worried at all. I was calmer than I could have been. It did take a full hour or so for all the adrenaline to leave my body, as it was. Hours later, when I replaced the initial bandages, it hurt sooo much! But now, about 12 hours since the crash, I am calm and in only very minor pain. That means I got through it all fine and dandy~

I’m not too upset about the race. I am familiar with crashing. It happens every now and again. I know that the next race I compete in, as long as I prepare well enough, I should perform quite well. So, I’m just waiting till the next one, that I :don’t: crash in! I still finished this race, so all is not lost. I’ll let you know if it was dead-last or not! Here are the Race Stats. Note, I crashed at 25 miles an hour, too.

Don’t worry about me, I am :very: back to my usual self. And better.


Updates Galore: Was able to finally see the results of the race, and I placed 45 of 49 finishers. Not dead-last! I did take my front wheel to get checked out, and it is indeed completely shot. Yesterday, I purchased a new bike helmet, and rode about 20 or so miles. BUT- At the very end of the day I noticed a very small line on the top tube, which protrudes higher than the rest of the frame. What might that mean? It could be a tiny crack in the frame… Please pray that it isn’t, for me. I still have to take the bike to the shop to be inspected by a mechanic, to confirm it.


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Polyacrylonitrile I didn’t crash this time!

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  • 1. Mary Ruth Murdoch  |  Monday, July 2, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Too bad about the crash, but I’m glad you only got some scrapes and bruises. Have you heard about Arnica? My daughter competes in eventing (sometimes called combined training, with dressage, show jumping, and cross country jumping–it used to be a cavalry horse exercise). So she has also fallen while going at high speed, and after one fall, someone gave her Arnica. No bruises, no soreness! Some health food stores carry it, but I order mine off the Internet at

  • 2. Jason  |  Friday, July 6, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    Brownstown was an odd race. I was in the Cat 5 R1 field and we were kept at a controlled speed for almost (2) laps because of crashes.


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