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Hey All-

It has been a long time since last I posted! I apologise. I am good at getting sidetracked, in addition to being quite unsure of what to write about. Last thing I talked about on here was racing. Today, I aim to mention everything but racing. Make this blog more interesting to the vast majority of the readers!

Hmm, what’s new… Well lately I have just been spending alot of time with Teresa before she flew out to Minnesota for the camp she’s a counselor at. When I wasn’t with her, I did some riding, and some working as well. I really do enjoy spending time outside. Being outside in heat and humidity is so much better than vast hours indoors. Yes, this is my sole belief, and not one of the majority! What else has been on my mind lately? Well, as of last night, I have scheduled my driving test! Maybe, sometime in the next decade, I’ll be driving again. What that will do to my schedule/activities, I really don’t know. It will absolutely be great to not have to take the train everywhere. But, go figure: it’s time to start thinking about apartments in Phila! With any luck, I’ll find an apartment only weeks after being able to commandeer (sp?) my parents’ van. All good things, though.

In the last week, I also met with advisors at Drexel to talk about which classes I should enroll in. I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll take, now. Somewhere along the lines of fewer credits than I typically have taken. Starting off slowly. It’s embarrassing that I still, in my third year, have classes to take that were supposed to be completed all in the first year. Why didn’t I take them? One thing became another, and I was able to move on without having taken them. Now, I’m at the point where I should really get them finished, and plus, it’ll give me a good sense of accomplishment when they are done. Let’s just kinda disregard the fact that I am not entirely sure how much of the subject matter I still have up there in this rattled mind of mine… Oh! I totally had forgotten that in addition to my talking about scheduling, I also pushed the paperwork required for me to be considered an actual student again! The leave of absence stuff really didn’t make me feel like I was a student at Drexel. Especially because I wasn’t able to get into certain places, do certain things. Ya know, all that stuff that makes you a student. At any rate, I am on my way now. Yay.

Okay, onto more random stuff… So, ya know how I mentioned music stuff in the last post? I still really have the bug. It’s a good thing! I mean, yeah it’s good, but for what, I’m not entirely sure yet. I still need to pick up the guitar more frequently. And ya know that guitar that I built? I still need to fix it’s neck problem. Either I have to make a shim that angles the neck more, or take the guitar to a guitar store and have them adjust it. I honestly would much sooner make a shim. Okay, back to the music topic… Yeah, music is working better than it has for me for a while now. Don’t ask me to explain it! If anyone out there would like to see a show/concert with me sometime, just say something! The other day I asked a friend about seeing one, and I realized it is somewhat hard to find people who like the same music as me. I know they’re out there though.

Alright, I really should start getting stuff done today! I can say that the reason I haven’t updated is because I have been so busy doing real stuff to actually think about what I’ve done, summarize it, and then write about it! But, at any rate, here is one summary, today. Hope you enjoyed it.



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