I’ve realized the value of blogging.

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So yeah, I’ve begun to find a purpose to blogging… What is it? Simple, really. I’ve noticed that unless I write something down, I will often lose track of where to find it again. I have wordfinding issues often, and it’s not uncommon for me to forget a detail- unless I make note of it. Tell me to remember a word or a location, and I’ll remember it, but I have to try harder than I used to. In comes blogging. At this point, I realize that if I prefer to remember the daily actions I make, the best way to do so is to write them down. I encourage you all to yell at me when I forget a detail about something I’ve done, now! You should have read about it on here! [we’ll see if this strategy works for me in time, but please aid in my attempt at least] Prior to this post, I viewed blogging merely as a means of updating everyone on how I’m doing.Alright, onto business. Starting with yesterday!

Donut Derby!
You’ve got it! Yesterday I woke up before 6am, and my parents, zach, and I took a trip out to Trexlertown so that I could be part of the 2007 Donut Derby. Basically, it was a fun race/ride kind of thing. It wasn’t USCF licensed or refereed, and it probably cost less than most races out there. The goal was simple: ride 36 miles on rolling terrain in the shortest time. Oh, and you HAD to stop at two checkpoints, each 12 miles apart from eachother. There, you’d have someone mark your arrival, and you could choose to rest, relax… or eat donuts. Each donut eaten took 3 minutes off of your total time. Or if you were riding a tandem, each donut eaten by any rider of it would decrease their time by 1.5 minutes… And I saw some tandems that weren’t slow, either.. It was alot of fun. I started off in the front of the lead group, all of whom were at a fast race pace (25 mph).
The start of the Donut Derby
7 miles later, they had me worn out, so I knowingly got myself dropped. But hey, I knew that there were about 174 other racers behind me… Lol. Then, I finally pulled up to the first stop, excited to eat some donuts. I found out they were Krispie Kreme donuts, a love-or-hate brand… I’m on the hate side of things. And I love glazed donuts, too… Needless to say, eating those donuts was very hard for me. I had just two at my first stop. Here’s a pic of my first or second donut… With my mom (taken by my dad):
Eating a donut 
The rest of the ‘race’ was alot more relaxing, so to speak. Aside from getting a bad cramp after that first stop, it went pretty well. I have never had a problem riding that many miles, and the Donut Derby was no exception. It was the donut-eating that was really hard. I dreaded that second stop. At the second stop, I ate just one donut. Then I was quickly on my way.
Happy Donut-Eater
I enjoyed drafting off of other riders in that last leg. It felt really cool to just have more speed than anyone around me! Anyone, except of course large groups. They were hard to pass. I’m still awaiting the results… I didn’t really want to wait until every rider finished, as was necessary because of the donut-eating… I think I did well though! Then again, there was Matt Warner, who ended up having eaten 19 donuts. That’s a whole hour off his time, pretty much!
Today was a momentous day too. Today I went into the city and met with Meghan to fill out the application for the apartment we’ve been looking at and deciding on. The end result of meeting with the landlord? We’re going to be living there! The apartment is just a few houses from 40th and Powelton. It’s a straight shot down Powelton to get to campus, which is nice. No long trip through USP, Penn, and then Drexel just to get to class this time. Both Meghan and I are really happy that Drexel is approaching soon. Meghan’s a Transfer, I’m a weird guy who was hit by a truck.. Perfect combo for apartment-mates. We both will have large rooms and share a large kitchen, rather small common area, and bathroom. Here’s just one pic of the place so far.
Teaser photo
We will be able to move in around the 15th of this month. I might not move in then, but I’ll begin the process at that time. We’ll see. Now for the fun of preparing all my stuff for it!I wanted to just put it out there again: I’m still looking for donations for the upcoming MS150 ride that I’ll be doing. Please support a good cause and help me reach my goal of $250. I’m halfway there so far. Thanks?
So that’s what I did today. Hope you enjoyed it.      



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