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Tuesday, September 11, 2007 at 10:10 pm Leave a comment

Time is moving, somewhat quickly now!

This won’t be a terribly long post, but it shall update you all on things that have gone on..

Let’s see here… Since the last time I wrote, I’ve been driving a good deal, helping out, traveling a lil, and trying to plan things (and a little bit of working.)

Wednesday evening I was sent an instant message from my friend Brooke- she’s living in NYC and trying to make it as an actress! First thing she told me was that she had something for me… Turns out, she read an ad for a pharmaceutical company needing cyclists for a print advertisement that they are having made. It had a high payout, so I shot the casting company an email including my ‘headshot’. The following day, I was called back about it! They asked that I come to their office in NYC the following day (friday). So Friday was a day of travelling, seeing a little of NYC, and having proof shots taken. The appointment at the office lasted a whole ten minutes… Considering I’d just be a model, there was nothing needed but photos. Then Brooke and I had dunch and I got to see her apt, which was surprisingly large. It was a fun day. Should I be chosen for the gig, I’d be back in NYC on Thurs or Friday of this week. I decided to write about the ordeal on here mainly because I very much doubt that I’ll be chosen.

Sunday, I volunteered with Bike Philly, which had it’s first-ever event! Basically, it was the same thing as NYC’s 5 Boro ride, where the roads are closed and thousands upon thousands of people take to the streets by bike for a chance to see all the sights from a different point of view. But this one, was in philly on roads I am very familiar with! I was course-marshalling on Columbus Blvd. While I held the holy ‘right-turn arrow’, some random rider asked, ” are you Doug Markgraf? ” and then she said something else, but wasn’t easy to understand because she kept moving through the turn. Apparently, I really am famous now, because of my TV clip? I have no idea who she was, but it was curious to see someone know who I was. The ride went off very well, and there were 2300 riders, I think. There will be many more in years to come, I’m sure. I enjoyed volunteering.

Bike Philly finish line / celebration

The following days, I just got random things done. For example, I had to pack and ship the bike items that I sold on eBay. That loomed on my list of to-do’s for a day. I hope each buyer will be happy when they receive the parts! I also did a little landscaping work, and have been doing some planning for how my new apt will go. I will be able to move in as soon as this Saturday! It might not happen that day, but I’ll sign the lease for sure, then. I’m glad.

That being said: a request! I am in need of a few items for the apartment. I am looking to get a small table to be used in our kitchen, a futon or sofa for my bedroom, and a large desk for my bedroom as well. If you are looking to get rid of one of any of those, please let me know! Thanks!

Well, I suppose that’s it for now. I’ll disclose more news when it arises!



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I got my Driver’s License back! A chain maille bib shirt!

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