I’m back living in Philly. : )

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 at 7:15 pm Leave a comment

Hey all-

It’s been some time since I last updated.. why? Prior to Sunday, I was packing and preparing to move to the apartment, which is in West Phila. When Sunday rolled round, I didn’t really have any problems, and my family and friend Jess were all crucial to that. You shoulda seen our van… It was nearly completely filled. It probably would have been if I had put my bikes in there? But, I’m all unpacked and almost settled into how I like my bedroom, and the rest of the apartment is filling nicely. I had been talking about getting a futon or sleeper sofa for my bedroom, since I have so much room. As it turned out, Meghan did bring one, which was intended for the common room. However, the common room is smaller than we both had though, and just isn’t shaped to fit much. Then, we tried to fit the futon in the kitchen, since that room is quite large as well. Nope, it just didn’t work either. We have bay windows which make the room not a full square. Had it been one, the width of the futon would be fine. After that room was tried, we tried the futon in my room, against the front wall. It fit nicely. So now I have a even more awesome room than I expected! Just today the couch proved it’s usefulness by aiding in creating the perfect place to play guitar. Oh, and my room as great acoustics, too? If anyone wants to throw an analog-digital mixer for use with a computer [in my direction], my room would be exactly at the level I want it to be! I’ll stop rambling… I love the apartment, as does my housemate, Meghan. Other than having to lug my bikes up and down the staircase, it’s perfect. And yeah, I’ll be putting a loveseat or something in the kitchen. Happen to have one that you’re looking to part with?

I will be getting internet on Thursday, so that’ll be good. I’m right now just sitting at Drexel using the wireless. Oh, and tomorrow all the freshmen begin moving into the dorms! Mass chaos! : )

Heading out… Sooner or later I’ll actually show you pics of the apt to satisfy your curiosity. If you’re interested at all, post a comment saying so! Talk to you later.



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A chain maille bib shirt! Back to the grind. : )

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