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Hey everyone-

Been wondering what I’m up to, or even whether I still exist? Lately, I’ve been existing in the real world alot more than the digital one, which often is not my style, don’t you think? Schoolwork has kept me busy (enough), and when I’m not doing schoolwork, I’m out riding. Yesterday was the first time I was out riding since the weekend prior! Riding that little is a rare thing for me. Anyways, back to letting you know how I’m doing.

Like I said, I’ve been focusing mainly on school. That’s a wonderful thing, I know! I’m not entirely working at the most amazing level you’ve ever seen, but I’m spending alot of time, and being patient with getting things done. The skinny: I’m taking four classes this term, all adding up to a minimum of 12 credit-hours. Which classes?

ENGR 201: This is the sophomore experimentation/lab course. Essentially, we’re learning about alot of seemingly pointless electrical engineering-related things, such as op-amps and binary code and using LabVIEW (a computer program which interfaces with hardware used in experimentation to best analyze the data). It’s an OK course, but it really does fit in with the overall feeling that I had in my TDEC courses (core curriculum courses), which is the feeling that you get when you’re doing something only because people tell you to do it. And often, people get really lazy in the lab sections, which bites them and me in the butt…

ENGR 231: Linear Systems. Really, it’s just Linear Algebra with a different word tacked onto it. I find myself much better at learning this material than I thought I’d be able to. Oh, and this is my second time around for this course. I had to withdraw from it the last time, because it really didn’t make any sense. Had I put as much effort into it as I’m doing now, I’d not have had any problems at all! I swear by the textbook, and anyone else related to teaching the course is second in comparison.

HIST 285: Technology in Historical Perpective. This is a course that is required of all engineering students during their studies. I :kind of: like it, seeing as it requires the use of a part of the brain that doesn’t get used too frequently for engineering-related courses. But yeah, we don’t get to play with cool software or stuff in this one.

COM 150: Mass Media. I picked up this course after I freaked out while trying to take Multivariate Calculus. That course is very important for engineering, whereas this one isn’t… But, I feared that if I didn’t step back and regain my stance in the whole math frontier (very slowly), I would fail the course. In came Mass Media… One of my required liberal studies courses. I could have taken any course in the span of the university, but my pickings were slim due to scheduling, availability, and pre-requisites. If you know me, you also know that I am no fan of the mass media in general… I thrive on individuality, which mass media often does not! The course is hard to sit through, but easy to pass, as far as I’m concerned.

— So that’s that. Occasionally I’ll do something bike related, but often I’m just pushing along with my homework. So what else is new? I figured it’d be a lighter note to mention that my neighborhood is a pain in the butt sometimes… I am not afraid for my safety or anything, but I am pretty sure people in this area don’t care about how other people will react or other people’s stuff or anything! I have been locking my commuter bike (a ten-year-old k-mart bike) to the porch railing, with every belief that my bike is safe there. Well, turns out it really is ‘safe’, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get into fights on occasion! Two nights ago, very late at night (later than 1am) someone walked onto our porch and proceeded to try to play with my bike. I really have no idea if they were trying to steal it or what, because they didn’t succeed. The next morning, I saw that he/they had totally rotated my bike around the lock, twisting it while doing so.
Goodbye, dear friend! For the last day or so, I’ve been trying to figure out how the heck I’d get the bike free from the nonsense. In it having been bent, it made using the key useless! All of a sudden I went from a bike owner to a bike thief, in a matter of hours. The lock on it was a few years old, and actually is one of the models that can be picked with a bic pen… So I looked that up, and tried it, and failed. I even tried hacksawing the metal, which was nothing shy of impossible. That steel is incredibly hard, and requires an angle grinder (and nothing less) to sear it. In the end, all I had to do was insert the key into the keyway, and use a pair of pliers to put force behind turning the key. Sooo happy I can use that bike again, without the aid of an angle grinder..

 And, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a new photo of me at my desk. Notice the new monitor riser that my Aunt Vicki got me!  Makes my room more like a theater when you’re on the couch, I tell you. 
At my desk

-Alright, so I’ve finally gotten back to you just a little, I hope. Keep giving me reasons to keep posting! It’s just one of the last things on my mind.            



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  • 1. Karen  |  Tuesday, October 30, 2007 at 3:07 am

    It’s about damn time!! I was getting worried that you fell off the face of the planet! I hope all is well!


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