Fall Term is over- whew.

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Hmmmmm. So glad the term is over. After stressing about this and that, I’m really glad to just be able to look back on all of it and smile. Not necessarily a perfectly-content smile, but a smile nonetheless. I can get a stronger start next term! That’s key!

Last night was fun… Basically, and I know I didn’t mention this much, I was worried that I would fail Linear Systems (Linear Algebra). Should this somehow actually happen, I think all of you can guess- it’s a hard course. Funny thing about is that I tried it once before my ‘vacation’ and I just couldn’t grasp the concepts, so I dropped it. It really matters who is teaching the course, and how much nonsense you can handle, I think. The professors and TAs this term were much better than the last guy I had, whose name I can’t remember whatsoever. I am really glad that I could still use the textbook I had bought for the other course I tried 2 years ago. In this one, there were 5 quizzes, all pretty hard. Each one not only tested your ability to do problems but also the concepts; I hardly knew both prior to the final! On the past two quizzes, I scored, umm, well less than half the points possible. Failure. But- Jess did the math and figured out that my grade wasn’t quite as bad as I had thought, because of everything else in the course and the fact that they drop the lowest test score. That gave me alot of faith that I could do it. Thanks Jess! Oh- Last night I stayed up until 3:30 am studying and making a sheet of notes that we were allowed for during the final. I wasn’t going to take any chances.
My Linear Systems note sheet
The final itself turned out to be really easy, and I hardly used the note-sheet at all. I think it’s very possible that I got a high B on it! That’s much better than I had thought I would do. Now, I sit back and wait to find out. :crosses fingers:

Linear was the hardest course I took this term. The two electives – History of Technology and Mass Media – were quite easy. I wasn’t worried about them for a moment. The other one was the experimentation and lab course; that one could have gone either way. It was very poorly ran and taught, and that is a large reason why I don’t need to worry about it too much. I think they’ll accept any amount of effort and skill to pass for a good grade. But, of course we’ll have to wait and see on that one too.

And that’s it. During my break, I actually don’t have anything planned. I need to plan things! I am quite low on funds, and that’s why I didn’t really plan anything wild and far out… That being said: Let me know if you are looking for help with something! I’m not too sure exactly how it’ll all play out. I’m up for suggestions.

Hmm there are alot more things I should mention, but I really don’t have the brainpower! I have settled with not feeling like doing massive thought at this point- I’ve done enough! Not only did I have a final, but I rode to EA in the cold rain this afternoon for the robotics meeting too~ It’s great to be back helping out and having fun- everyone on the team seems just as enthusiastic, if not more this year! They all know that they can build upon their successes, and that’s awesome. Today they built the majority of the shipping crate for the coming season’s robot. It’s going to be much sturdier than last year’s. Riding home from EA was a hoot… At 6 pm cars just don’t look out for things on the road. I was inches from being brushed by another pickup truck that was turning into a gas station on Belmont Avenue. I have now experienced enough reasons to swear by having not only a tail light but a headlight (at least a flasher) as well. That means I either need to buy one, or manufacture a mount for the ancient one that I own (but lost the mount for). I assure you, I will not ride at night (on open streets) until I get myself one of those bad boys. Prior to tonight, I have always been super cautious of drivers knowing that I’m coming toward them. Hopefully I continue to prove that the road is crazy place.

Alright… I’m done thinking for now. I hope to post again soon! I have the time to waste, now~



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