Friday of Week 1

Friday, January 11, 2008 at 11:47 am Leave a comment


So the week is coming to a close, with things having kind of settled out. I say kind of, because I still have not been to :every: class on my schedule. As I type, I am supposed to be in my ENGR 202 lab, but it apparently isn’t being run the first week. So, I have lots of free time today! Fridays are supposed to be my worst, with 5 classes spanning from 9 am to 6 pm. Ugh. My 4-6pm class is Mechanical Properties of Materials. It’s a nice, small class with a nice professor. However, I’m particularly disappointed with the textbook for the course; IT GIVES NO EXAMPLES! How can you learn the best way do do mathematical problems if you’re given the formulas and expected to just get it? I think I’ll go up to the professor today during my extended break, and see what advice she has on the matter.

So yeah, turns out it won’t be an easy term, but I do feel like I’ll be able to hack it, I guess. The two courses I’m particularly worried about are Differential Equations and the Materials class. Why are both particularly challenging, you may ask? I don’t remember (or didn’t learn) some of the stuff you’re expected to have as a backbone! This is worrisome for Differential Equations, seeing as I’m no mathematical genius, by any stretch of the imagination. This first week, the lecturer has thrown out so many integrals and derivatives that I don’t remember how to solve! I could be more worried though… I think it’ll just take some tips from a tutor to get back on track. This could merely be my optimism, we’ll see. Materials, well, I just need to refresh myself of what I learned in Materials 101… 2 years ago. I’ll be sure to update you on how all this pans out. I’m still smiling though.

My smiling could be just because I’m listening to an album I haven’t heard in a while: Ben Arnold – In Case I’m Gone Tomorrow. Lately in my free time I’ve explored youtube, and found some cool videos of great Philadelphia artists. It’s definite that my musical taste has come back; the problem now lies in that I crave new music all the time!

I still need to get the whole income thing ironed out. How can I manage to make money while in classes? Last term I ran out of money by week 8. I think I’ll shoot for week 9 this term, what do you think?

I’ve been sleeping better lately, so that’s great. Been helping out the robotics team every other day, which is great. They definitely have a direction in mind, I’m happy that things are going a bit smoother than they did in their first year (last year). I’ll be going over there tomorrow and working, and then I’ll at least attempt to get all my homework done. Then I can go out riding.

Okay, I could keep writing on and on… It’s just since I feel like I’m working on borrowed time, and I don’t feel like doing work! Things are working pretty good, that’s the final word in week one. Next up: week 2~


-update: while I was writing this post, I WAS supposed to be at that lab- I had just shown up a full hour before it was scheduled. I really need to check my :official schedule: more often… oops.  


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